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Seven Squares: a color matching puzzle game (App Review)

Color matching is a game that we have been playing before most of us can remember. It’s easy, right? Not with Seven Squares. This is a puzzle game that…

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Crossword Scrambler review: An Android crossword game that could use some refinement.

Crossword Scrambler by Alsoft Publishing Co. is an Android crossword game that implements some new features to make the old recipe fresh, but unfortunately fails in the process. Graphics The

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ULTRAFLOW: dead simple premise, minimal graphics, but maddening fun

Face it, we all have a few minutes of downtime throughout our days. Whether we’re waiting for the microwave to finish or the spouse to finish getting dressed, we’ve got

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Nordisk Film Games Releases The Marbians for Android

Released today on Android and iOS, The Marbians is a puzzle-type game that takes place in the 1940’s. It’s a motion-controlled game, where you roll a marble through different obstacles