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ExpressVPN is the finest VPN out there (App Review)

If you’re constantly on the go and connecting to public WiFi hotspots, security should be of concern to you. Connecting to unknown networks can put you and your personal data

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Macate announces GATCA Elite Cyberphone at CES

You’ve probably never heard of Macate before but they have been making GATCA and “Cyberphone” smartphones for a while now right out of Silicon Valley. They specialize in secure mobile communication

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[Deal] Pay What You Want for the White Hat Hacker Bundle

Learning to hack, ethically, is a necessity in today’s age of ever-growing digital threats. Whether your goal is to build your business or simply stop your secure data from being

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Swannone adds new partners to fully protect and control your smart home

Swann, a global leader in security monitoring, consumer electronics and security-centric solutions for the smart homes and businesses, has just announced new partners for deeper integration with its SwannOne home

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Unlock your door with your phone: The Quicklock Doorlock review

We live in the mobile age. Our phones are now like swiss army knives. They can do just about anything. You can watch TV, monitor your home, change your thermostat,

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Get the 3 Nest Cam bundle for a discount starting this weekend

The Nest Cam security camera is designed to keep an eye on your home and family even when you are away. It offers 24/7 live streaming with night vision, and

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Check if your Android device is vulnerable with this new tool – VTS for Android

When it comes to mobile security, this year has been somewhat of a dilemma for Android users. The big scare is the security hole Stagefright, where all it took to install

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HTC: monthly security updates are a goal, but unlikely to happen

HTC likes the idea of pushing out monthly security updates to its smartphones and is committed to doing so.  But, for all its efforts, HTC may think this is an unattainable goal.

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New Stagefright attack targets Android users with audio files

Android users are under attack again. The Stagefright bug that Google and OEMs scrambled to fix, only to have a second bug discovered, is back. Users are being targeted with

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AMC Security: Redefining the user experience (App Review)

First off, I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of apps that claim to boost speeds and improve performance. The majority of the time all they do

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Google commits to monthly security updates for Nexus devices

Security.  We all worry about it, and we all leave our security in the hands of Google when we use Android devices.  Our smartphones are continually gathering more information about

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Top Cyber Security Hacking and Training Deals

If you haven’t had a chance to grab any of these deals, now is the time to act. These packages have sold like hotcakes as the demand for expert-level tutelage

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The Innovative QuickLock: Tech and Smartphone enabled padlock

You know the old saying: adapt or get left behind. It seems like just about everything in my household is evolving into a smart device. My TV, scale, alarm clock,

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Lifetime VPN deals starting at $15

Privacy, security and anonymity. Show me anybody who doesn’t want these key pieces and I’ll show you someone vulnerable to hacks, attacks and manipulation. We’ve covered quite a few VPN

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BlackBerry and Google announce BlackBerry Enterprise partnership

It looks like the rumors swirling around BlackBerry adopting Android for their devices have finally come to fruition. The last round of rumors stated that..