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TigerVPN: 2-Yr VPN Subscription, $49

Surfing the internet can be a dangerous proposition, especially when freedoms are being eroded and privacy is a rare concept. If you’re looking for an additional layer of protection, TigerVPN

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Google adds HTTPS encryption to Gmail between their servers

Google has always had HTTPS for Gmail since 2010, a secure web protocol which employs certificates to ensure the authenticity of the source of the webpage you are viewing, but

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Get a free upgrade to JuiceSSH Pro this weekend, monitor your servers with advanced features

If you’re running servers at home or work and need a way to monitor them from either your Android smartphone or tablet, look no further than JuiceSSH. Sonelli, maker of

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Why Android on x86 will fail

We all know Intel is working hard to bring a fully functional version of Android to the x86 architecture, but I think it doesn’t matter how hard they try to