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Knee Kick Girl: an RPG with loose controls, a paywall, and a good soundtrack (App Review)

Before the start of this review, I must say that I played the game for about five hours and was not close to finishing it because of its paywall. Today,

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Robotory is all about not dying (App Review)

While we may not all be fans of platform games, they certainly provide some entertainment for those who do. Me being one of them, Robotory provided me with addictive gameplay,

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Get your news with Veooz (app review)

Veooz is a Flipboard-esque app that want to be your new news reader. It brings a few unique features to the table. Will it be enough to stand out among the

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Explore Ancient Egypt with Pharoah Jump (App Review)

Are you the type of gamer who is looking for a game that kills time? Pharoah Jump was designed for you, but there are some serious drawbacks to this app.

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Blocky Cars Online: a blocky good time (app review)

Imagine Minecraft. Add a dash of racing, a dash of combat, and viola, you have Blocky Cars Online. Blocky Cars Online overview The first thing you do in Blocky Cars

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Easymind breaking boundaries

Setup You need to create an account upon opening Easymind. It is indeed a bit of a nuisance, however it is certainly necessary as users can create private polls and

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Record and share audio with Parrot Voice Recorder: App Reivew

If you have read any of my previous reviews, you’ll know that I love simplicity. Parrot Voice Recorder delivers that simplicity in spades. In this review, we’ll be taking a

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Active Lock Screen review

Lockscreens are tricky. Most users (at least in my experience) like to stick with the stock lockscreen, because it’s simple and/or familiar. But as I’m constantly flashing new ROMs, I’m

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App Review: Spotify

For those of you that haven’t heard of Spotify, the name is most commonly recognized as referring to a desktop music player/streaming service for Windows and Mac giving you access

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App Review: Thinking Space

One of the best productivity tools now on Android Market, Thinking space. Allow you to create and work with your mind maps in very efficient way.

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App Review: a2b (VIDEO)

Join us today as John takes a look at a2b, by Froogloid.  John really likes the app , calling it very complete.  Judging by the video below, a2b responds very

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App Review: SciencePal

Full of useful information, SciencePal is essential for any scientist, student, or enthusiast. The nature of its data means users will be referencing this for years to come.

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App Review: StreamFurious

Streaming music application that delivers on its promise with nothing extra. It doesn’t chew up system resources or slow performance down. It’s small enough that this app ought to stay on your Android handset once it’s installed.

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App Review: TeleNav GPS Navigator

If you don’t already own a GPS device then you need to grab this for your Android handset. It’s everything you expect from a stand alone unit in a convenient size. One of the most fully realized apps I’ve had a chance to play with.

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App Review: Tippobillosplitamus

A fresh take on the same old, same old. Clean, easy to navigate interface makes it stand out from all the other bill splitting and tip calculator applications we’ve played with so far. Not short on options either.

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