Android Gets Skype App Before Apple Does

Here’s one we didn’t see coming.  Starting today, G1 and other Android users will be able to download Skype Lite from the Android Market.  The official app allows for voice calling to other mobile handsets or desktops running Skype. We would have bet money on the iPhone seeing ...

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Sony Ericsson Bringing High End Android Handset out by Summer ’09

One of the bigger names to join the Open Handset Alliance this week was Sony Ericsson. They are one of the last of the major handset makers, save for Nokia, to get on board with Android.  As they enjoy a growing market share, SE has really stepped their game up of late. The handset that... Read More

Ailing Sprint Needs Android Now More Than Ever

The third largest carrier in the US is hurting.  Bad.  They’re watching customers jump ship left and right and they are almost unable to do anything about it.  Even their Simply Everything plan can’t stave off the exodus, with nearly 3 million subscribers leaving this year alone. ...

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Will Sony Ericsson Release Xperia With Android?

Will Sony Ericsson turn to Android for their next Xperia handset?

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Windows Mobile Not Selling Like Microsoft Wants – Apple Among Reasons

Oops. Microsoft had hoped to sell 20 million licenses of their Windows Mobile platform by the end of June, but fell nearly 2 million copies short. Some market analysts are blaming Apple and the 3G iPhone as of the reasons for the lower than expected figures. Also likely to play a hand are ...

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Sony Ericsson and Android – Piecing Things Together or Just Throwing Darts?

Let’s have a little bit of fun today, shall we? I was inspired to put this together after reading something from The Motley Fool yesterday. Anders Bylund’s article (Popping the BlackBerry Bubble) was focused on RIM’s recent earnings and the challenges facing the company. When ...

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