Instagram Announces 300 Million Active Users


Instagram has announced that its active base has breached 300 million users.  Of this base, over 70% of them live outside the US.  Since the late 2010 launch of the popular photo sharing up, users have managed to post more than 70 million photos and 2.5 billion likes a day.  All in all, ...

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Airpush ad network continues to grow *cough* SPAM on the Android platform


Have you ever had one of those pesky “Star” advertisements in your notification drop down? Ever wondered where they come from? Well, it’s likely they came from an ad service known as Airpush. With over 100% increase from last quarter, they are becoming one of the leading ...

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A Spammer Responds: “We Will Flood the Android Market”

When we reported on AppBrain’s claim that 6,000 spam apps from three developers had disappeared from the Market, we naturally wanted to confirm whether Google had in fact removed them, or if the developers had done so themselves. We haven’t heard anything from Google, but one of the ...

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