Hoot Apps’ new widget to rival android’s quick settings?

Action Widgets

Hoot Apps has recently released “Action Widgets,” an app created to simplify the process of changing common android settings, without having to distrupt your current task. It accomplishes this by adding a bar of quick settings to your notification panel, or to your home screen ...

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EVO 4G Sense ROMS Get Power Control Toggles

A little bit of CyanogenMod, XDA, some hard work by the Android Community and what do we get?  In one word, Awesomesauce!  This one is truly a piece of work.  After spending over 100 hours of time developing this port/mod, XDA user JsChiSurf has ported over the CyanogenMod Power Control Widget ...

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I Could do Widgout It…

There is a rather familiar phenomenon in life where we want something... we want it really, really bad. Then we get it.

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