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The UMIDIGI One is hoping to provide a “compact flagship” on the cheap (Promoted)

UMIDIGI has introduced its latest lineup of devices with the UMIDIGI One and One Pro. Both devices feature similar specs, save for some slight differences in the battery department.

UMIDIGI reveals pricing for its brand-new Z2 Pro lineup (Sponsored)

After weeks of teases and announcements, UMIDIGI has finally confirmed its pricing for the upcoming Z2 Pro lineup of handsets.

Subscribe to learn more about the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro and enter win one! (Promoted)

To celebrate its launch, UMIDIGI is giving away five units of the Luxury Ceramic Edition Z2 Pro. This contest starts today and lasts for the next 12 days.

Enter for your chance to win a Luxury Ceramic Edition UMIDIGI Z2 Pro (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Luxury Ceramic Edition is now available for pre-order for just $359.99. However, the company is giving away five handsets to lucky winners.

The Umidigi Z2 finally hits global sale, pre-order discount still in effect! (Promoted)

The world-wide pre-order for the Umidigi Z2 is over. Units are shipping now, so order yours today to get a $50 discount from Umidigi!

UMIDIGI introduces new “Luxury Ceramic Edition” of the Z2 Pro (Promoted)

A new version of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro has been introduced. Dubbed the 'Luxury Ceramic Edition', this Z2 Pro sports a new camera system and more.

The UMIDIGI Z2 lineup sports one of the best color options (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI Z2 sports a fantastic Twilight color option, and the company offers some explanation for the inspiration of this decision.

What you should know before picking up the UMIDIGI Z2 (Promoted)

As we near the launch of the UMIDIGI Z2, we take a look at a few reasons why you should consider it as your next handset.

Five Android OEMs you’ve never heard of before

We've all heard of mainstream smartphone companies like Samsung, LG or HTC. But the world is larger than that. In this article we take a look at some obscure, but noteworthy Android OEMs.

Umidigi Z2 vs Huawei P20: how do they compare? (Promoted)

The recently-announced Umidigi Z2 looks poised to make a splash - but how does it compare to the Huawei P20? Read on to find out.

Here’s your chance to win the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro for free! (Promoted)

We are just a few days away from the launch of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro and Q1. The company is holding a limited-time giveaway for the devices.

The UMIDIGI Z2 is finally nearing its official launch (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI Z2 was announced earlier this year and is finally nearing its official launch. The handset will launch on June 11th and for a limited time, you can enter to win one for yourself!

Would you like to win UMIDIGI A1 Pro? Enter the giveaway (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI A1 Pro smartphone will go on pre-sale on April 09, 2018. Until then you have the chance to win one. Enter the giveaway!

UMIDIGI’s new A1 Pro looks to redefine the entry-level market (Promoted)

The A1 Pro is a new entry-level device from UMIDIGI, looking to change the way we view low-end devices. How do its specifications stack up? Hit the jump to find out.

3 Chinese smartphones that want to make you forget all about the iPhone X

The iPhone X is probably way too expensive for the majority of customers out there. Fortunately, Chinese manufacturers are making sure those who want...


Weekend Recommender: EVRI, JLab, Phiaton, mophie, and Scosche

We're back with another round of tech that you're sure to love. This time we've picked audio accessories and charging solutions to get simplify your life.

Emporio Armani Connected 2018 is the fashion brand’s new and improved...

Fashion brand Emprio Armani has updated its smartwatch portfolio with the new Connected 2018 model. The wearable packs a few notable upgrades.

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