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OUKITEL announces its new K6 with Helio P23 and 6GB RAM (Promoted)

2017 may be coming to a close, but OUKITEL has decided to go out with a bang with one more smartphone release before Christmas. OUKITEL...

Next major Pokémon Go update to include 50 new Pokemon, dynamic weather effects

Pokémon Go fans rejoice! Niantic just announced it will be adding 50 new Pokémon to your favorite game, as well as dynamic weather effects...

Pokémon Go developer, Niantic announces it’s working on a new Harry Potter AR game

Since its debut in 2016, Pokémon Go has become one the most successful mobile games of all times. But what what can we expect...

What’re you looking for in upcoming flagships?

A lot of people nowadays have bought a smartphone. So many, in fact, that smartphone makers have either already experienced their peak in sales,...

Rovio are developing a new adventure Angry Birds game

Angry Birds put Rovio on the map in 2009 - in fact, they were battling financial issues right before a developer came up with...


What is a YouTube Signature Device and what phones are certified?

If YouTube Signature Device is a new term for you then you're not alone. Check out what it's all about and what devices are supported.

T-Mobile gets personal with customer support and teams up with Pandora

T-Mobile announced its Team of Experts today along with new partnerships with Live Nation and Pandora.

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