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Ankway Home & Office Super Charger (review)

Chargers, chargers, chargers. They’re boring. But they are essential to our lives almost as much as the food we eat. Without chargers we don’t have our smartphones. Without our smartphones

Accessory Reviews

inStream SeptimusB Premium 7-port charging station review

Many of us have multiple devices, and they all likely need to be charged at some point. Whether we have tablets, smartphones, smart watches, other wearables, or Bluetooth headphones, we

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[Deal] Clean up those pesky cables for $22 with the Speedy USB Charger

Are you tired of trying to route a bunch of different plugs into a power strip? Do you want to just try to keep things nice and tidy, without having

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iClever 6-port Travel Wall Charger review

The iClever 6-port travel wall charger comes in a rectangular shape with the exception of the rounded top. It is coated in black, matte finish that will keep pesky fingerprints

Accessory Reviews

Charge Your Phone and Tablet in the Car with Bracketron Dual USB Charger

We can imagine many of you have run into a situation where you desperately need to charge your phone in the car on the way home from work.  The problem?