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Google gives its Weather Cards a gorgeous update

You’ve probably seen the weather cards while using Google Now before. You also probably noticed that they were simple and didn’t have much body. Not for much longer, though, by

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Look at the weather in a beautiful way with Weather 360 (App Review)

Ever since the release of Google Now, I’ve pretty much done away with weather apps and widgets. Why download another app that uses resources when I can usually look in

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Unique Widgets app review

I don’t think I’m the only one that sometimes gets bored of their current screen setup and puts some effort into sprucing it up.  I mean this is Android after all,

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Get notified about coming rain with this app

Rain is a force of nature that we can do nothing about, and yet can completely change our day. From not having work, to canceling that trip to a theme

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ZeroLemon 10,000 mAh solar battery, $26

Given the feedback we’ve received from our readers regarding its big brother, we’ve decided to showcase a smaller and slimmer version of the ZeroLemon solar-powered battery pack, SolarJuice. That’s right,

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Yahoo Weather update brings animated effects to already great app.

The Play Store has become saturated with weather apps and nowadays it’s hard to find one that stands out. Yahoo Weather accomplishes this by providing a clean and accurate app

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Sickweather app review

Forecast for today? Coughing, common cold, with some allergies floating around today. When i first started using the Sickweather app, the first thing that came to my mind was Trapster,

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Accessory of the Day: Photive BOLT water resistant battery charger $39.95

For folks needing a heavier-duty solution to portable charging, the Photive BOLT is calling your name. Packing 9000mAh in a rough and rugged housing, this bad boy can handle the

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Get instant temperatures with Robocat’s Thermodo

How many times have you looked at your Google Now or other weather related service to see the temperature only say it’s 80 degrees out when it felt like a

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Tidal Chronoscope 1.0 turns tides as it sails into the Android Market [PRESS RELEASE]

Miami, FL –  ChronGlobal Corp. recently released Tidal Chronoscope 1.0 for Android users. This is a new launch on Android Market, one that is an attractive, essential tool for water

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Free National Weather and Traffic Alerts for Your Android Device.

In a week where we have seen some pretty severe storms rip through the country, an app has been released to help notify Android users of weather alerts to help them prepare.

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Google Launches a Weather Web App, Sliders Included

Google announced the launch of a weather web app yesterday for Android and iPhone. It is accessible by simply searching “weather” on google.com in your device’s browser. The web app displays basic information about the weather in a chosen location, or the user can use GPS to find their location and display the weather forecast.

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Keep Your Phone Working and Your Connection Warm in the Cold Outdoors: Tips From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless, the leading mobile provider in the United States is sharing some tips to all mobile phone users for the cold weather months. PRN has given us a little

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I Could do Widgout It…

There is a rather familiar phenomenon in life where we want something… we want it really, really bad. Then we get it.