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UMIDIGI Q1 fast wireless charger now on sale at Aliexpress for $16.99 (Promoted)

UMIDIGI's first wireless charger, the Q1 goes on sale at Aliexpress. The company has also released an unboxing video of the product.

Weekend Recommender: Plantronics, MyQ, Silk, and more

Our team has gathered up some of our favorite gadgets and gear to recommend this weekend. Look for items from Plantronics, UE, Choetech, and other brands.

Choetech fast wireless charger review: Substance over style

Wireless charging is a luxury that not everyone uses. The Choetech Fast Wireless Charger is functional and inexpensive. Read our review of the unit.

UMIDIGI Q1 fast wireless charger goes on sale for $19.99 (Promoted)

UMIDIGI's new wireless charger, the Q1 just went on sale. The company says that it's among the fastest in the bunch and you can get it for $19.99.

Own the ZeroLemon fast wireless car charger for just $25.99 today

Toss the cables out and start charging your phone with a car dock that has built-in wireless charging. The ZeroLemon charger can be yours with a steep 35% discount.
Ventev Cables

Gear Up: Ventev refreshes product line for 2018

As you go about purchasing your new flagship phones or new tech, consider Ventev's accessories for your charging solution. Be it wireless, Type-C, microUSB, or something else, Ventev has you covered.
Wireless Car Charger

Snag a wireless fast charging car charger for just $29.99 today

Toss the cables out and start charging your phone with a car dock that has built-in wireless charging. This Neva Tech option is 70% off its normal cost, but you'll have to hurry!

Olie is a lamp that’s also a wireless charger and a smart assistant

The world has fallen in love with smart virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, and as a result, new AI-infused products are being launched every...

Major deals from TomTop including Xiaomi Redmi 4X for only $136.99 (Promoted Deals)

TomTop is a major supplier of regular deals and today we have not just one but three special deals. First up is the Xiaomi Redmi...

Gear Up: Cut the cord with these Anker wireless charging pads

Wireless charging has been around for quite a few years, but has come and gone depending on how the smartphone market is shaped each...

Gear Up: Bezalel has your back with charging accessories

In today's world of tech, you can't turn a virtual corner on the internet without running into some new gadget, charger, cable, or something...

aLLreLi Qi Fast wireless charger (review)

Charging your smartphone is a daily/nightly activity for almost all of you. While plugging in your device is not such a big deal and...

Dodocool fast wireless charger: Solid performer for a reasonable price (review)

Smartphones have slowly been adopting wireless charging over the past few years. It's a great way charge your phone if it is compatible with the...

Wireless charging car mount to keep you safe while you commute

Using your smartphone while driving is against the law. It's dangerous and it's just not smart. Third party accessory makes offer quite a variety...

Satechi’s Fast Wireless charger and multi-port station have all of your charging needs covered...

There's a good chance that you own a new smartphone made in 2016. One of the biggest changes across Android smartphones is the change...


Which is the better $500 phone? Moto Z3 Play vs Honor...

Have $499 to spend on a new phone? Read below to see whether you should buy Motorola's new Moto Z3 Play or the Honor 10 View?

Saturday Savings: Tech and Gear on sale this weekend

We are back with another edition of Saturday Savings, which is the best place to stop to find the best deals on tech and more.

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