How to create a folder [Android 101]

Creating folders for your Android home screen is an easy way to organize your apps. They help you easily find applications so you don’t need to go looking for them in your app drawer every time you need to use it. Here is how to create a folder on your Android!

KEEP IN MIND: Not all Android phones are the same. Some will have more steps required to complete each task, others will have less. At AndroidGuys, we will do our best to walk you through each task as well as we can.

Step 1: Find your apps

First, find the apps you’d like grouped together. Some folders that we find particularly useful are “Music”, “Photos”, “Social Networking”, or “Utilities”. Of course, you don’t need to follow those if you don’t want to!

Step 2: Drag & drop

Folders 1

Once you have an idea of what apps you’d like in your folder, find an app in your app drawer. Long press it and drag it over to another app you’d like in your folder. When hovering over the application, you should see a circle around the app. Let go of the application that you’re holding on to, and that’s it. If you’d like to rearrange the apps in your folder, long press one of them, and move it to where you’d like.

Step 3: Rename the folder

Folder 2

Renaming the folder is a must if you’d like to remember where you put all of your apps. Once you click on the folder, you should see the title “Untitled folder” or something of that sort. Click on that, and your keyboard should pop up to let you rename it. Once you type in the new name, press the enter key on your keyboard, and your keyboard should go away.

Deleting folders

Folders 3

If you’d like to delete a folder, long press on the folder and drag it up to the “Remove” notice on the top of the screen. This is the same process for removing apps from your home screen.

You don’t, however, need to remove the folder completely to get rid of it. If you’d like to remove an application from the folder, long press it and drag it anywhere you’d like: to another part of your home screen or to the “Remove” section.

Note: removing apps from your home screen doesn’t remove them from your device.

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