Tip: Clear your phone’s cache for more speed and storage

Something every Android owner should do that not everyone knows about is clearing your apps’ cache in your phone’s settings. An app’s cache is basically a temporary storage area for an application while it’s running. It can store things like temporary images downloaded from the internet. Clearing the cache can solve problems you may be experiencing with an app, or simply improve the speed and efficiency of it. Not to mention how much space you’ll be freeing on your phone, as Google+, Facebook and other big apps can store over 1GB of cache over time if not cleared occasionally.

First, go to your phone’ settings, then tap ‘Apps’


You will then be shown a list of your downloaded apps. Tap any one of these apps.

You will see ‘App info’ at the top. Scroll down a bit and you will see the cache section which shows how much temporary files have been stored on your phone.



Tap ‘Clear Cache’

And there you go! You can do this will all the apps on your phone, and you will clear up a lot of space depending on how much you use the app.