Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to launch with Android 4.3, report indicates


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, according to a new SamMobile report. Already rumored to debut with cutting-edge hardware, the large smartphone will be among the first devices to debut with the latest version of Android.

We’re getting quite excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3; the device is expected to make its formal debut on September 4.

  • Justin Flynn

    what about GS4????

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  • chas0001

    I am very peed off with Samsung. I have a Note 2 and Note 8 both running on 4.1.2. The Note 2 has not had a major update since launch a year ago. I will definitely reconsider buying Samsung product

    • I agree. I like the big screen but the note applications are pretty poor and clumsy. I assumed they would be updated but they never have been and there is a very low level of third party support for the note interface. Plus with Android in general its a constant battle to stop applications from continuously running in the background, consuming network, memory and battery while spying on you. Disillusioned.