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Double SMS Messages on Android Auto? Here’s how to fix it

Do you use another SMS app other than Android Messages and seeing dual notifications on Android Auto? We have the fix for you!

Best SMS alternatives for Android Messages

Android Messages is a great SMS app for texting, but maybe you are looking for a change. Here's our list of alternative SMS apps.

Eight alternative SMS apps for Android

Bored of your default SMS app? Try one of these alternative apps for texting, each of which comes with tons of great features. You'll never go back to the old way again.

How-to change your default SMS app on Android

Don't like your default SMS app? Not to worry you can change it quite easily. All you need is an alternative which you can download from the Play Store.

Android 8.1 could allow SMS messages to be sent from a Chromebook

Sending text messages on the Chromebook is something we've heard about before but never materialized. Now the function has turned up in the Developer...

Google says the Pixel SMS issue will be fixed in the November security patch

By now, no doubt you've heard about the issue where text messages would go missing on the original Pixel and Pixel XL that seemed...

Android Messages latest update has broken new SMS notifications

Google updated Android Messages to version 2.5.207 but in the process seems to have broken one of the most important functions of the app. It...

Hangouts for Android no longer supports SMS as of this week

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – Google confirmed it was ending SMS support in Hangouts back in March. Now the inevitable has happened,...
google hangouts

The end is nigh: Google is ending SMS support for Hangouts in May

In an unconfirmed email to one G Suite user, Google will be discontinuing SMS support for Hangouts in May. However, everything will continue to work normally for Google Voice users.

Google launches new ad campaign via SMS

Google is making it easier than ever for businesses and customers to connect with each other. The company is creating a new tool that...

Facebook adds SMS messages in Messenger for Android

Facebook has now enabled SMS messaging in Messenger for Android. This is big because users no longer need to switch from their Facebook Messenger...

Is Textra the best third-party SMS app in the Play Store? (Review)

One of the most important aspects of Android is customization. I love the fact that I can replace almost any app with an alternative...
pushbullet end to end encryption

Pushbullet adds end to end encryption for Notification and SMS mirroring and Universal Copy...

Pushbullet, the app that, amongst other things, lets you reply to your text messages from your computer and push files back and forth from your phone...
T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile recognizes aged SMS, moving to Advanced Messaging

So here's a thought:  Why hasn't text messaging advanced with the times?  I mean, it's not like it's perfect.  SMS is closer resembled to...
Pushbullet Featured

Pushbullet brings SMS conversations to your fingertips

Pushbullet has been around for quite some time, and have added a bunch of functionalities to extend and expand upon what your devices have been able to do..