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Facebook let users hide and delete old posts

We all have had Facebook posts we made that we now regret. A new feature will help you do cleanup on these posts and help hide them from the public.

How to set up a Messenger Room in Facebook Messenger

If you're looking to try out Messenger Room in Messenger, this guide will teach you how to make a room and share it with others in 2 quick and easy steps.

Facebook Portal review

The Portal by Facebook is a unique device with a specific purpose that it does very well.

How to set up a Facebook Messenger Room from WhatsApp

If you're looking to setup a messenger room as swiftly as possible, WhatsApp is the best way to do it and easily the fastest!

How to create a legacy contact for Facebook

Did you know that you can appoint someone to manage your Facebook account after you pass away? Here's how to set up your Legacy Contact.

Facebook’s new Keyword Snooze lets you mute keywords

Facebook unveiled a new way to control your newsfeed. It's called Keyword Snooze and as the name suggests it allows you to hide certain keywords.

Facebook Marketplace makes it easier to find a plumber or maid

Starting immediately, Facebook Marketplace seeks to be your one-stop-shop for finding a home service professional. Work directly with contractors, house cleaners, and other types; get a quote or receive help with your latest project.

Facebook’s new Oculus Go standalone headset wants to make VR mainstream

Is it finally time for VR to go mainstream? Facebook certainly hopes so, as it launches the Oculus Go, its first standalone VR headset.

Data-saving Facebook Messenger Lite is now available for Android users in the US

Facebook’s data-saving Messenger Lite alternative was so far available for users in developing countries. Well this week, the social media giant is expanding the...

Facebook takes another stab at improving the News Feed on Android

Present at Droidcon in New York, Facebook had some good news for Android users, announcing it has improved the News Feed experience.As the type...

Tired of how bloated the Facebook app is? Try these five alternatives

Oh Facebook, the app everyone loves to hate. Yet it has one billion installations only in Android. With Facebook being so ubiquitous and recognized...

Facebook announces FbStart Apps of the Year winners

Facebook announced the winners of its FbStart Apps of the Year - an event which celebrates the most successful apps that emerged from the...

Opera Max 3.0 for Android arrives with new UI design, big data-savings for Facebook

Opera Max for Android recently got bumped up to version 3.0 which brings forth a host of enhancement. The data management and data savings...

Instant Games now available on Facebook Messenger

Facebook have announced Messenger games are coming to all of its app's users.The popular messenger app has a monthly user count of around 1.2 billion...

Now even Facebook has a virtual assistant – meet M

The speed at which tech companies seem to be popping out virtual assistants these days is mind-boggling. Meet the latest addition to the list...