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3inuS Introduces the Revolutionary Mechanical Keyboard – KEBOHUB EE01

3inuS, a manufacturer specializing in top-quality Apple peripherals, has just released a revolutionary mechanical keyboard - the KEBOHUB EE01. The keyboard is designed to...

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Wireless Keyboard review

The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL is a high-tech, high-budget keyboard with some awesome and unique features that have revolutionized the gaming industry...

OnePlus Featuring keyboard 81 Pro debuts

OnePlus has launched its first fully customizable mechanical keyboard. This device is equipped with Keychron technology, and it's known as OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81...
Review: Redragon Elise K615 Mechanical Keyboard (Podcast)

Review: Redragon Elise K615 Mechanical Keyboard (Podcast)

The mechanical keyboard offers very unique features that a normal keyboard doesn't. And the main feature of the mechanical keyboard is you...

Targus launches EcoSmart mouse, keyboard, and laptop bags

Targus has expanded its EcoSmart Collection which includes eco-friendly earth-conscious laptop bags, and other accessories at CES 2023. The company partners with Atmosic Technologies...

Logitech K380 Keyboard + Pebble Mouse review

Up for review today are the Logitech K380 keyboard and M350 mouse. Learn about each of them and find out if they're worth buying as a bundle.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard Review

Up for review today is Logitech's new MX Mechanical keyboard. Learn more about the device and find out if it's right for your needs.
Vissles V84 Keyboard

Vissles V84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard review

The Vissles V84 is a wonderful hotswappable mechanical keyboard available for just $99! Just keep an eye out for caps lock being on.

For just $85 you can have the world’s most advanced laser projection keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards have come a long way over the last few years. Not only are they more reliable but the advances in...

How to change your keyboard on Android 10

If you're looking to tinker with your keyboard on Android 10, find out how you can do it in a few easy to follow steps!

Brydge G-Type Keyboard review

The Pixel Slate is still one of the best productivity tablet options around. It only gets better when you add the Brydge G-Type keyboard. Read our review!

Vinpok Taptek Wireless Mechanical Keyboard review

The Vinpok Taptek is an ultra-thin mechanical keyboard that works in wired and Bluetooth modes and pairs with a variety of platforms.

Keychron K2 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard review

The Keychron K2 is a mechanical keyboard that works in wired and Bluetooth modes and pairs with Windows, Android and Mac platforms. And it looks damn cool.

Just $68.99, this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard pairs with phones, tablets

The MK75 has a monochromatic design that integrates an ergonomic, gaming and mechanical keyboard and can connect to up to 3 devices at the same time.

Rymek mechanical Bluetooth keyboard review

The Rymek mechanical keyboard pairs with up to three devices over Bluetooth and features dynamic light effects. It's functional, retro-style, and damn cool.