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Sega to acquire Rovio (Angry Birds) for $775M

Sega will soon acquire Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds games for $775 million, according to Polygon news. Earlier last week, The Wall...
Angry Birds 2 Featured

Rovio announces Angry Birds 2 coming July 30th

Rovio has announced that the sequel to the original Angry Birds game, will be released on July 30th. Get ready to chase some more of those pesky pigs.

Rovio teases ‘Angry Birds Space’ for March 22

What does one do after they conquer earth? They head for space!

Google Play Points: Answers to your common questions

What are Google Play Points and how are they earned? What are the benefits? Here are answers to common questions surrounding the rewards program.
LEGO DC Mighty Micros Main

LEGO DC Mighty Micros lacks depth and purpose (review)

Geared toward young gamers, LEGO DC Mighty Micros pits hero versus villain in a racing-type adventure throughout different city locations. Not the most riveting experience, but kids should find unlocking their favorite characters interesting enough for a play-through.

Want a challenge? Here are seven of the most competitive games on Android

Like to challenge yourself or a complete stranger to a battle of wits? Are you the type to play a level or game again and again in an attempt to better your score? Here are five incredibly competitive games for Android.

The most influential games released in Android’s history

Games have always been a part of mobile phones. Remember when Nokia was the de facto brand if you wanted to buy a mobile...

The Hottest Android apps and games around (June 18)

Welcome to Week 4 of The Hottest Android apps and games around! We are going to try something a little different this week. On top...

The hottest Android apps and games around (June 10)

Wow, we have been doing this for 3 weeks already! Thanks for joining us for another round of: The hottest apps and games around! Where we...

The hottest Android apps and games around (June 5)

Welcome back for the second edition of our list. There are lots of new apps on each list this week to check out. We have...

The hottest Android apps and games around (May 28)

Looking for something new to install on your Android phone or tablet over the long weekend? With millions of options to choose from, it's...

Angry Birds Action: The franchise that’s here to stay (Review)

Overview That crazy bird dynasty is back. Not that one, the other one: Angry Birds. It’s time for some crazy pinball action while Red leads...

Angry Birds 2 flies onto the Google Play Store for free

Today's the day, you can get your revenge on those green pigs for stealing your eggs. Rovio has released the sequel to the ever-popular...

Sonic Dash and Angry Birds Epic Celebration (review)

Sonic. Just saying the name reminds me how cool it was visiting my cousin who had that matte black Sega console. I was a...

Android Wear gains a slew of new watch faces

Google has kicked off the week with a number of new Android Wear watch faces from some 17 brands scattered about the globe. Available...