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Gearing Up for Hybrid Success: 20 Essentials for the Modern Worker

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, the realms of remote and hybrid work are not just trends, but...

Android brand gets a new modern look, 3D Bugdroid

Android is world’s most popular Operating System. Therefore, the brand deserves rebranding to a new look. According to the press release posted yesterday by...

The best Android phones available at Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile, a prepaid brand that uses T-Mobile's network, has a number of smartphones to choose from. Here, we pick the best options for consumers.

Simple Mobile Buyer’s Guide

Here's pretty much everything you need to know about the mobile carrier Simple Mobile, including features, deals, rate plans, phone selection, and more.

Nest launches new $129 Thermostat with simple design

The Nest Thermostat, priced just $130, gives consumers an inexpensive way of monitoring and managing heating and cooling in the home.
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Lineup

Samsung commits to three major Android updates for select models

Samsung has committed to three major Android releases for a number of its more popular smartphones models. Here's a list of which series will get updates.
safe mode

How to enter and exit safe mode on Android phone

If you face problems or issues with your Android device, try to identify whether it's hardware or software by booting to Safe Mode. Here's how!

Pokemon Go adds Go Snapshot mode with new ways to show off your pokedex

Pokemon Go snapshot mode will let players take fun and interesting pictures of their existing pokemon.The feature comes to Android and iOS soon.

Don’t have Portrait Mode on your Android? Use these apps instead

Don't worry if you don't have Portrait Mode on your phone. You can easily replicate the bokeh effect with one of these apps.

Baikoh review: An intense word game for the modern era

Who said word games aren't cool anymore? Think again. Baikoh is a minimalist yet beautiful word game that proves very challenging.

Get the Google Pixelbook with $100 off (all models) for a limited time

Most Chromebooks are cheap and simple, but Google’s been known to launch high-end laptops that run Chrome OS for years now. The latest product...
Picture in Picture mode

How to get Android 8.0 Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture mode on any Android

Give your current Android one of the coolest features from 8.0 Oreo!

808 CANZ review: Portable Bluetooth cylinder that packs a modest punch

Up for review today is a dimunitve portable Bluetooth speaker from 808 Audio, the 808 CANZ. Shaped like a shrunken can of soda, this cylindrical unit is...

Scraby: Simple design and simple to play (Review)

Overview Who doesn't like a good word puzzle game? Whether it's a fast-paced, thinking on your toes style, or a laid back playing the long...

Monster Beans: Simple game that’s simply fun! (Review)

  Overview There are a plethora of simple tap games in the Play Store; games that are no more than tapping the screen to accomplish a...