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Ishtar Commander is a Destiny player’s best friend (App Review)

You wake up in the early 2700s, long, long after the golden age, the arrival of the fallen and the collapse. You're greeted by...
Fallout Shelter featured

Fallout Shelter brings the Fallout experience to everyone

Bethesda had their pre-E3 conference and announced some new stuff, like the official release date for Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter.

The tech and apps you need for hurricane season

With hurricane season already in action check out these tools and apps that can help you be prepared for the worst.

Love TV shows? Try these games inspired by popular series

Looking for a new Android game to play? Your favorite TV shows might have been turned into a mobile game already. Check our list to see if that's the case.

Qualcomm boasts new super-fast 5G modem

Qualcomm has introduced the company's first 5G modem with download capabilities reaching 5Gbps. The modem was briefed in whole at Qualcomm's own 4G/5G Summit...

Editor’s Picks: 11 apps we think you should try!

Hey guys, back again this week with another edition of Editor's Picks. This week we're featuring a bunch of awesome games along with some...

KPhone K5 review: can this mid-range iPhone clone compete in the US?

If you've been following the Android space for some time, then you’ve likely seen the growing trend of unlocked smartphones. Whereas just a few...

Alone in the wild: how to use your smartphone as a survival tool

Your plane went down. You're the only survivor. There is a pack of wolves who are intelligently hunting you down. What do you do?...

Infrequent but important: little used apps I can’t live without

One of the strengths of Android is the app drawer and home screen combination. It allows users to place their most used apps at...