AndroidGuys provides trusted editorial advice for consumers to help them choose which products to buy, apps to download, services to try, and more. These editorial endorsements are a key component of the AndroidGuys experience.

You have a have a great phone, but you can always get more from it. Whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker, new game, or a different carrier, we aim to educate.

AndroidGuys Editors’ Choice

The AndroidGuys team recognizes mobile tech, consumer electronics, apps, services, and other products of the highest quality or performance. The Editors’ Choice award is our stamp of approval and means that it should be on your short list when making a purchasing decision.

Phones, services, and other products bearing the AndroidGuys Editors’ Choice graphic have been put through their paces, tested, and evaluated with consumers in mind. As such, the award signals excellence in performance, value, and build quality.

Horizon Award

The AndroidGuys Horizon Award recognizes lesser-known entities who deliver a product, service, or application worth special attention. These awards are reserved for brands who might be considered “up and coming” or otherwise relatively unknown. In a crowded space occupied by big-name companies, these so-called “little guys” deserve a look.

Game Changer Award

Every so often a product comes along that changes the way we think. When everyone else is going with an evolutionary release, these are revolutionary.

The AndroidGuys Game Changer Award is for a technology, service, application, or specific product that puts the industry on a new trajectory. These don’t happen all that often, but when they do, they make all other competitors sit up and take notice.

Industry Events

As part of its efforts, AndroidGuys covers the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress (MWC), and other industry events. We keep a close eye on the announcements and goings-on and recognize the top products. These awards are reserved for the most notable products, prototypes, and concepts, regardless of availability.

We encourage the use of AndroidGuys Awards on other sites, in digital and print advertising, and marketing. Usage of the various award logos are restricted to winners of said awards and to the specific brand and products that receive them.

Licensing and Permissions

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