Casino & Gambling Link Policy

AndroidGuys will, on occasion, offer promoted content as part of its editorial diet. These posts are not meant to be endorsements by the author or AndroidGuys staff at large. As such, we endeavor to highlight any time these types of articles are published, using the proper dedicated categories and disclaimers.

Our team vets the content prior to publication and checks the outbound links to ensure they meet our internal standards. On occasion we also audit the content to verify that the link destinations have not changed to something we do not feel comfortable with.

As Google’s policies toward gambling-related content and apps has changed over the years, so has ours. With that said, our editorial team will exercise caution when vetting content for publication on AndroidGuys.

If and when a promoted piece of content is published casino or gambling-related links, we will add a boilerplate disclaimer to the post. This is to not only signal that the post is promoted and that we received compensation for it, but to provide readers with additional information related to betting with real money.

Example of gambling link disclaimer