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Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Looking to protect your new flagship smartphone? Here are some of the best cases you'll find for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

The best cases for your Google Pixel 4a

Looking to pick up a new protective case for your Google Pixel 4a? Here are some of the best options you'll find, as curated by our editors.

Stadia review: One year later

After a year of updates, Stadia has made great strides, but still falls short of the cloud gaming revolution Google teased us with prior to launch.

This Android 11 feature has changed how I use my smart...

Google's new expanded power menu has me using my smart home more consistently than ever.

We’re hiring!

Looking for a side hustle with the summer season coming to an end? We're on the lookout for a couple of new writers and...

I left my Pixel 4XL for the Pixel 3a and I...

I traded my Google Pixel 4XL in for the Pixel 3a. How much difference is there between the two in my eyes? What do I miss about it, if anything?

Opinion: It’s time to reconsider face unlock on the Pixel line

Google is known for trying some crazy things and then quickly walking away from those ideas. It's time the company skips face unlock on the Pixel 5.

Chromebooks and Google are the constant for students in the pandemic

Our kids are learning how to deal with back to school season in a global pandemic. One thing they won't' have to sweat is the tools they need to learn.

My Android phone as a car key? Yes please!

As we move towards a world where the smartphone is our hub to our life, the car seems inevitable to be the next legacy tech to be absorbed by mobile.

Podcasts are the last plain of the open web and it’s...

Podcasts were once as open as the internet can be, but Spotify looks to be closing certain avenues of that tradition.

Opinion: Google needs to replace OnePlus as king of sub-$700 smartphones

Google's Pixel 5 most likely will see shift in specs and cost. That may be the best move they could make.

Best bags and backpacks for carrying your gear this spring (Spring...

Whether it's for daily needs or the occasional weekend getaway, we all have different needs for carrying gear. Here are some of the best backpacks and bags.

We’re hiring! Join the AndroidGuys team for spring 2020

We're hiring! Looking to pick up a side hustle this spring? AndroidGuys may have a writing position for you. Learn more about the role here.

Opinion: RCS doesn’t matter until iMessage has it

RCS is a big step forward for Android users and messaging, but I feel like we are still so far away from it being a solution.

Opinion: LG behind the best foldable phone experience

Samsung and Motorola may have all of the fanfare right now, but LG is doing folding phones better. Here's why the LG V50 and G8x should be considered.