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EC Technology Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker: Rock out on a budget (Review)

Overview We all love getting things at a value and getting good quality out of it. EC Technology has worked tirelessly manufacturing products that provide...

My Quotes Book provides a slew of inspiration (review)

If you're looking for an Android app that provides a database of famous (and not so famous) quotations, a quick search in the Play...

Mpow H2 – an over-ear Bluetooth headset without a single elite feature (Review)

The running theme of this review is going to be pretty consistent across the board; adequate, but unspectacular. Build Opening the Mpow H2 is non a...

Mevolife is a well-meaning but flawed fitness app (review)

Overview With a lot of press on fitness & healthy lifestyles in current society, the Google Play store is rife with personal options to track...
nero tune it up

Nero TuneItUp | Boost & Clean Review

Established software maker Nero AG has been around for over 20 years--and over those years Nero has made a large variety of unique software....

Opera bakes VPN into latest browser release

The Opera web browser has long been a user-minded company and today the company continues that tradition by adding a VPN free of charge.

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First ten things to do with your Samsung Galaxy S10

If you just unboxed your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 and you're wondering where to get started, we have ten tips to get you on your way.
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