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Android Auto now has split screen

Android Auto sees an update for big screens that allows users two apps at once.

Motorola offers up sales for your tax season dollars

Tax season is underway here in the US and that means refunds for a lot of people. We may also be gearing...

Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound to boost Bluetooth audio with new standards

Qualcomm on Thursday introduced its newest initiative, Snapdragon Sound. Designed to improve sound quality and battery life, it also promises lower latency...

T-Mobile boosts its Magenta Unlimited 55 plans

T-Mobile earlier this week introduced its latest 5G smartphone plan, Magenta MAX, giving consumers even more value for their money. The service...

AT&T calls on Vietnamese phone maker VinSmart for entry-level handsets

Vietnamese manufacturer VinSmart has dipped its toes in the US phone market, thanks to a partnership with AT&T. The deal, which is...

Google highlights six features headed to Android this spring

Google on Tuesday announced a half dozen features set to arrive on Android in the coming weeks and months. A blog post...

PixelJunk Raiders arrives as Stadia exclusive

Q-Games's newest title, PixelJunk Raiders, is coming to Google Stadia as an exclusive title for the platform.

Samsung commits to three Android OS updates for Galaxy devices

Samsung on Monday made a new commitment to provide Android OS and security updates for its Galaxy phones and other devices for...

T-Mobile unveils Magenta MAX plan with unthrottled 5G

T-Mobile on Monday introduced a new "Magenta MAX" premium plan which offers truly unlimited "premium" data. That is to say, users...

Android 12 Developer Preview now available for Pixel devices

Google on Thursday rolled out its first semi-official look at the next version of Android. The Android 12 Developer Preview is...
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Verizon Prepaid subscribers get free month of service in latest promo

Verizon Prepaid on Thursday announced a new promotion which gives its customers a free month of service. Indeed, anyone who signs...

Moto G10 and G30 announced for Europe

Motorola introduced its newest phones, the Moto G30 and Moto G10 for select European markets. Here's what you need to know about each one.

Teracube 2e gains retail availability

The sustainable smartphone that is the Teracube is formally back with a successor today. Indeed, the Teracube 2e, which recently racked...

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 available to pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is now available for pre-order through Samsung's website and Best Buy. It officially goes on sale March 1.

Mophie’s latest lets you triple up the wireless charging

Mophie's latest, the wireless charging stand+, is an $80 unit that lets users charge up to three devices at one time, including wearables and earbuds.

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