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Channel your inner Zen with Buddha Board

Looking to get away from devices and distract yourself? Destress and downregulate with Buddha Board and its elegant canvases.

Checking out the Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush

Everybody wants a white, healthy, beautiful smile. This motivates a lot of us to put in the work – brushing our teeth...

UWANT launches X100 cordless all-in-one wet dry vacuum cleaner with massive early adopter discount

Have you ever taken a look at the underside of your vacuum cleaner only to find a whole bunch of hair wrapped...

Fitbit’s latest wearables bring in the new Google age

It's been over a year since Google closed the financials to take ownership of Fitbit. Since then the two companies have been taking baby...

PSA: Reset your Plex account after data breach

If you use Plex, you most likely woke up to an email about the company's support team sending you details about a recent data...

Xreart turns phones of yesterday into wall art

Xreart turns old phones and gaming gadgets into a piece of artwork for your home or office. Learn more about the new wall art options.

Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station: A low-cost backup for natural disasters

As summer begins to draw to a close, fall is around the corner and with it a number of potentially devastating hurricanes....

Visible shakes up its rate plans

Visible has shaken up its rate plans, dropping the price of its standard option and introducing a more premium experience.

Motorola’s third generation Moto Edge is packed but not pricey

Motorola's new Moto Edge arrives at all major carriers with a large display, multiple cameras, and a handful of higher end hardware.

Android 13 officially arrives for Pixel devices

Google on Monday announced that Android 13 has begun officiall rolling out to Pixel phones with more devices expected in the coming weeks.

Ugreen HiTune T3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds are inexpensive and impressive

Growing up, my dad had a turntable and speakers that my sister and I were not allowed to touch. They were revered....

Boost Mobile’s ‘Carrier Crusher’ plan is $25 for unlimited everything, for life

Boost Mobile on Thursday announced a new rate plan that's going to be pretty damn tough to beat.

BLU sub-brand BOLD returns with premium grade N2

BLU brings its BOLD lineup back into the light with the metal and leather N2. Learn more about the premium-grade device.

Samsung Galaxy Z line refreshed with Fold4 and Flip4

Samsung on Wednesday announced the next generation of its foldable smartphones with the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4. Tapped with...

OnePlus unveils the OnePlus 10T in NYC

It's that time of year. OnePlus has a history of the mid-season refresh of its lineup and especially the mid-range models. Earlier this year...

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