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Roku to lose official YouTube app starting December 9

For those that may not know, Roku and Google have been involved in an ongoing battle over services. This has led to the removal...

Get two 12-month plans of unlimited talk, text, & 2GB at Boost for $8...

Double the Perks! Get two 12-month plans of unlimited talk, text, & 2GB of monthly data with Boost Mobile for just $8 per month.

Google formally unwraps Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

At long last Google has unwrapped its new flagship handset series with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Here's what's new for the 2021 phones.

Save more than 80% on a 4TB Treasure Cloud account

Take control of your data through a license to Treasure Cloud Storage, complete with client-side encryption, multiple integrations and more.

Realme GT Neo2 begins its global launch

Realme, hot of the launch of its GT Master Edition, is back with another flagship-level phone announcement. This week sees its GT...

Cricket’s latest phone is the $90 Icon 3

Cricket Wireless's latest handset is the self-branded Icon 3. Here's what you need to know about the low-cost, entry-level phone.

TracFone rings up the Orbic Magic 5G

TracFone recently began offering a new smartphone, the mid-range Orbic Magic 5G. If the brand doesn't sound familiar, it's because up until...

Nokia dives into the tablet pool with 10.4-inch T20

Nokia delivers a $250 Android 11 tablet, putting it on sale ahead of the shopping season in mid-November. Learn more about the T20 here.

Motorola serves up Moto G Pure for entry-level needs

Motorola introduces its latest smartphone, the entry-level Moto G Pure, making it available at nearly all major wireless providers.

Skullcandy announces its next generation of wireless audio

Skullcandy has been a longtime player in audio accessories. The company has just announced its latest generation of wireless earbuds with a laundry list...

Android phones can now work as Google TV remote

Google announces that Android phone users can now turn their device into a Google TV/Android TV remote control.

Google enhances the vehicle experience with updates to Android Auto, Google Assistant

Google has updated the in-car experience for vehicles with Android Auto as well as those who use Google Assistant. Here's what's new.

Nokia offers up $300 G50 with big screen, big battery, and 5G

The Nokia G50 is a mid-range smartphone powered by Android 11 with a large screen, even larger battery, and support for 5G.

Microsoft launches new and improved Surface Duo 2 for $1500, pre-orders now open

Microsoft just launched the sequel to its original Surface Duo with more cameras, NFC, and a way to view notifications without opening the device for $1500.

Android will begin revoking permissions automatically on unused apps on more phones beginning in...

Beginning in December, Google will start automatically revoking permissions from apps that haven't been used for months on phones running Android 6.0 and above.

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