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Nova Launcher: The best launcher in the Play Store. Period. (Review)

In the early days of home computing, if you wanted to access a program, you had to know how to speak your computer's language....

AppLock+: Your phone’s security is at risk without it [Review]

AppLock+ offers a unique spin on mobile device security. Instead of being relegated to a one time pin unlock to access your device, AppLock+...

Color Switch: a colorful, timing-based puzzle for all skill levels [Review]

Summary Color Switch is a timing-based puzzle fit for all ages. It is frustratingly addicting and, if played for too long, will make you see...

Hero Legends: A game that does it all, and does it all WELL (Sponsored...

From the outside, Hero Legends looks like another overhyped mobile game from Japan. Giant monsters, weird Anime style characters, and lots and lots of...

Causality review: Tricky puzzle game that tests your logic skills

Looking for a challenging puzzle game? Causality is a complex game that might test your patience, but it's incredibly rewarding at the end.

Red review – a minimalist, yet engaging puzzle game

Red is a puzzle game which challenges you to turn the screen completely red. Figure out the mechanics of each level by yourself or if you get stuck, you can always request some clues.

Button Mapper: Full customization options for your phone’s buttons (Review)

Modern phones currently have so many different shortcuts for all kinds of things. My current phone lets me double push the home key to...

Whisper – Share Secrets, Speak Your Mind, Stay Anonymous ( Review)

Oscar Wilde once said "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you...

Robotic Guitarist – A feature rich tool for guitar players and enthusiasts [Review]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTi4jv2FdZU&feature=youtu.be Overview Robotic Guitarist is a fully featured tool in a mobile package that is perfect for guitar players looking to have something available for guitar...

Baikoh review: An intense word game for the modern era

Who said word games aren't cool anymore? Think again. Baikoh is a minimalist yet beautiful word game that proves very challenging.

Vainglory – MOBA should stand for Multiplayer Online Battle Awesomeness (App Review)

When you think of a first-class gaming experience, mobile gaming is not usually what comes to mind. There have been quite a few really...

Sync for Reddit: The gilded way of browsing Reddit (review)

I can’t quantify the amount of hours that I’ve wasted in my life thanks to Reddit. I’m always scrolling through /r/Android looking for interesting...

Lord Of Shapes/Shape Eater: Eat them Shapes (Review)

All Android users find themselves looking for a game at one point or another. Some look for high-quality, high-RAM games (such as Asphalt). However,...

Android Auto: A driver’s dream app

Overview: Android Auto is an app that enables "driving mode" for your android device, simplifying the UI and granting quick and easy access to music,...

PlayMobo is a game discovery tool and library (Promoted Review)

Overview Even if Google now offers a “New Indie Highlights” section in the Google Play Store, meant to help users discover titles – some games...

How to check your IMEI number

An IMEI is a unique way to identify your phone and there are a number of reasons you may need to use it. Here's what you need to know about the IMEI.

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