The gear makes the phone: four unique gadgets you need

    Technology’s rapid growth has led to the rapid advancement of smartphones. However, companies aren’t just investing their time into phones anymore. They are now using their knowledge of technology to create unique and intelligent devices and software to connect to our phones.

    Although smartphones continue to impress us, they do so even more when combined with advanced gear. We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest gadgets to enter the field.

    Deeper – The fish tracker
    Do you like fishing or do you want to try it?
    This floating ball connects to your smartphone and locates fish via their movements so you know where to cast your reel. It connects to your Android Smartphone and uses Sonar technology to show you where to get the best results.

    Deeper works in both regular fishing settings and extreme conditions such as ice fishing.
    Furthermore, it maps the floor of the body of water it’s in, as well as the temperature and other conditions. Get some quality fishing equipment and try out this great new gadget.

    BlueSmart Luggage

    Love traveling but hate packing your luggage? BlueSmart Luggage is a new kind of suitcase that takes the hassle out of it. It connects to an app installed on your phone and helps you keep track of your luggage.

    As well as weighing itself and having a built in charger, it also has a SIM card for remote tracking and distance alerts. No more worrying about weight, where you left your suitcase, or whether your battery will last the flight. We definitely want this!

    Huawei Talkband B2

    Let’s face it – the time of smart watches has all but come and gone. Not when it comes to the Talkband. It has all the features of a regular smart watch, but better – and
    in a smaller, sleeker design.

    A touchscreen, step counter, activity measure, sleep tracking, and a phone locator make this the better alternative to traditional smart watches. It also doubles as a Bluetooth headset. Simply take out the middle part and clip it to your ear for hands-free phone calls. We’re sold.

    MyFC JAQ Charger

    This portable charger dominates its competitors. Unlike traditional ones, you don’t have to charge it, as it creates its own electricity. It consists of a sleeve and thin plastic cards that are inserted into them. This turns the contained water and salt into hydrogen and starts charging your phone.

    This is a safe and simple alternative to traditional portable chargers, which need charging
    themselves. The MyFC JAQ charger is also incredibly light, so it is easy to slip into your bag or pocket.

    With many companies investing time into new technology, it’s worth keeping an eye on all the new gadgets that are available to you. Smartphones now have an endless amount of features and collaborating devices. So, get your new Samsung Galaxy, treat it to a Galaxy S8 case, and explore all the interesting opportunities.

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