XNSPY – Unleash your inner 007 (Promoted)

    There are many reasons for using a monitoring app – from personal security to concerned parents who wish to watch-over and protect their children to smart businesses who wish to ensure employee productivity; the possibilities of such apps are immense.

    Today we will take a look at a spy app that has made quite a name for itself – XNSPY. It has been around for a while and is available for iOS and Android devices. Having an array of features and functionalities, it is available in two packages – Basic and Premium. On iOS it can work on both jailbreak and no-jailbreak devices.


    Price: The price is as low as $8.32/month for Basic and $12.49/month for Premium.


    • Small sized app – makes it impossible to detect.
    • Battery optimized – does not drain the battery, making it good for stealth.
    • A vast array of features.
    • Web-based control panel – makes it accessible from anywhere all you need is a web browser and Internet access.
    • Single web-based control panel can be used to control multiple target devices.


    XNSpy is easy to install – on Android devices you need to have access to the target phone/device (the one you mean to monitor) and download the app from the given link and install it. Installation instructions along with your login credentials will be sent to you in the welcome email once you have purchased the app. During the installation you will need to enter the activation code given to you via email to initiate it. Once started, it will let you know that it is successfully installed and that you can monitor it from the web-based console or from the XNSPY’s dashboard app for smartphone. Opt to hide the app during the installation otherwise it will show up on the device.


    On iOS there are two types of installation – for the jailbreak version you need access to the device you want to monitor. For the no-jailbreak device you don’t need access to the device physically and just require iCloud login credentials of target device for the app to work.

    Features and Functionality

    The XNSPY app has a long list of features, but we are going to look at the some of the more prominent ones. The app can be used in both rooted/jailbreak and non-rooted/non-jailbreak devices. With some functionalities being available specifically in rooted/jailbreak devices.

    • Call Records and SMS: The app gives a neat online interface where you can view call records and actually read the SMS that have been sent and received from the device being monitored.
    • View Browsing History: You can monitor the bookmarks and browsing history on the target device.
    • View all Photos and Videos stored on Device: XNSpy allows you to view all pictures and videos stored on the target device.
    • View Location History: You can monitor and know where the user of the target device has been.
    • Geo Fencing: Another powerful feature that allows you to setup alerts to let you know if the user has entered a specific region or area.
    • Remotely Wipe Data: A very powerful feature it allows you to remotely delete all data on the phone.
    • Record Phone’s Surroundings: Another powerful feature that allows you to remotely give a command and record the ambient sounds and conversations taking place in the area around the target device.
    • View Complete Record of IM Chats: This is another interesting feature that allows you to view chats that have taken place on the target device, some supported chat apps: Whatsapp, Viber and Skype.


    The installation and setup process is simple, the online control panel is pretty user friendly and easy to understand. It offers a great deal of functionality and features. Most of the functionality provided complements the app’s discreteness. For example, the location history functionality does not offer real time location search as it would use up extensive data and drain the battery as well, which might put the device owner on edge.

    Generally the app has a very small footprint it is hardly noticeable once installed – it maintains stealth mode right from the start. Not being visible on the target device increases its efficiency and at the same time gives the XNSPY app user greater control. It consumes minimum battery and RAM so as to not cause problems for the device user.
    The price is quite reasonable given the functionality and features they offer, the two package plans give the customer freedom to decide the level of tracking they require and not pay extra for something they do not need.

    On the downside there are certain limitations, some features it doesn’t have, which we believe would have been useful are – the option to remotely delete/remove individual apps; it also does not have the option to delete specific files such as pictures, documents and videos. Also, even though it gives the option to support monitoring of multiple devices through a single online interface, you still have to purchase a separate license for monitoring each device.


    XNSPY has some great features that offer functionality close to that of professional spying apps. These options make the app a versatile and extremely useful tracking and monitoring tool. Overall, if a person is looking for a tracking app that keeps a low profile and has extensive spying capabilities and all at a reasonable cost than they should try this app. Although they do not have a trial period, they do have a refund policy.

    In order to learn more about the app, you can visit xnspy.com

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