Here’s a little secret for all you would-be podcasters and vloggers out there: people are willing to forgive subpar video as long as the audio quality is good. That is to say listeners desire high quality audio and seek it out.

A USC study from a few years back found that when subjects were asked to rate two versions of the same YouTube talk they found the harder-to-hear version to be worse. In fact, even though it was the same content, the subjects described the speaker as less likable and less intelligent.

“As soon as we reduced the audio quality, all of a sudden, the scientists and their research lost credibility,” Newman said.

Audio matters. If you’re looking to create your own content and plan to have audio as part of it, you’d be wise to do things right. The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle ($25 in the AG Deals Store), provides 24 hours of tools, tricks, and best practices for professionals.

Whether it’s for podcasts, videos, voice-overs, presentations, or something else, this suite is here to help. Over more than 300 lessons you’ll find pro-tips on what software to use and how to do it.

2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle Courses

  1. Grow an Audience with Podcasts
  2. Audacity: A Beginners Guide to Record & Edit Voice Overs
  3. Podcast: A Beginners Guide to Podcasting
  4. The Podcast Masterclass 2022
  5. Podcasting Crash Course: Start a Podcast in Less Than 5 Minutes
  6. Podcasting 101: How To Interview Your Heroes Online
  7. How to Start Your Own Podcast & Monetize Your Content
  8. Mind Mapping for SMART Speaking: Podcast & Speech Prep, Rehearsal, and Delivery
  9. Start Your Own Podcast
  10. Online Course Creation Masterclass

Get Started!

The coursework in The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle is a $2,000 value, but with the current deal, it’s all available to AndroidGuys readers for about $2.50 per course. Grab it all for just $25 while prices last.

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