Access 60+ hours of expert training in this $50 Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Bundle

    Are you an Android or mobile developer who relies on a database for your app or game to function properly? Perhaps you’ve got a website that needs a little tweaking or growth.

    Chances are good that if you’re tied into development in any aspect, you’re using SQL as part of the day-to-day activities. How versed are you, though, should something wonky happen? What do you do if your entries start showing weird stuff in the meta tables? Don’t tell us that you outsource it and pay exorbitant fees.


    There’s a deal in the AndroidGuys Deals page that speaks directly to the SQL novice or fledgling developer. Priced at only $50, the Ultimate SQL Bootcamp is packed with dozens of hours of training spread across hundreds of tutorials. But, shouldn’t that cost a lot more, you ask? You bet it does. Normally, this kit would set you back some $400 or so. But, pick it up through us, and you’re already on your way to keeping problems and opportunities in-house.

    There are some nine separate kits included in the bundle, each of which breaks down into deep-dive stuff.

    1. A SQL Server, ASP.NET, CSS, C# & jQuery Course $100 Value
    2. SQL Database for Beginners $99 Value
    3. SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database $50 Value
    4. From 0 To 1: Heavy Lifting with SQL & Databases $49 Value
    5. Learn Beginner PHP & MySQL the Easy Way $30 Value
    6. An Introduction to MySQL Database Development $20 Value
    7. SQL for Marketers $20 Value
    8. SQL Database MasterClass: Go from Pupil to Master $20 Value
    9. Complete WAMP & MySQL Course $20 Value

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