AndroidGuys deal of the day: Learn how to program using Python for only $49

    There are quite a variety of different languages to learn in the world of coding and development. For instance, there’s HTML5, Java, CQL, and Ruby, and there are many more. . Today’s deal focuses on one of the coding languages that has been around for quite the while: Python.

    If you have been looking to get into the world of coding in Python, then today’s deal is perfect for you. With seven different courses bundled into one, you will learn everything that Python entails. Plus, you will be given the tools to build various projects throughout each of the courses within the The Ultimate Python Coding Bundle.

    Python steps


    06224062a79983ddb8b1d930bf83919166017724 icon Mastering Python

    Write Maintainable, Reusable Code to Power Your Development Process


    Python is one of the most popular programming languages today, enabling developers to write efficient, reusable code. Here, you’ll add Python to your repertoire, learning to set up your development environment, master use of its syntax, and much more. You’ll soon understand why engineers at startups like Dropbox rely on Python: it makes the process of creating and iterating upon apps a piece of cake.

    • Master Python w/ over 2 hours of content
    • Build Python packages to efficiently create reusable code
    • Creating tools & utility programs, and write code to automate software
    • Distribute computation tasks across multiple processors
    • Handle high I/O loads w/ asynchronous I/O for smoother performance
    • Utilize Python’s metaprogramming & programmable syntax features
    • Implement unit testing to write better code, faster

    Building a Responsive Website with Bootstrap

    Utilize This CSS Framework to Create a Site That Looks Great on Any Device


    Twitter Bootstrap is one of the handiest CSS frameworks you can learn, making it easy to create professional looking web apps. And this tutorial will show you how to harness its power. You’ll complete lessons on creating a custom responsive site for a fictional client, learning to manage every aspect of building a responsive website from initial download to final deployment.

    • Create web layouts using Python w/ 2 hours of content
    • Create custom layout elements: page layouts, image carousels, etc.
    • Easily manipulate a grid-based layout system w/ the Bootstrap grid
    • Extend Bootstrap w/ custom icon fonts to produce retina-ready graphics for any device
    • Integrate the LESS preprocessing language to take full control of Bootstrap
    • Use deployment techniques to make your site simple & easy to manage
    • Optimize & deploy your website w/ modern techniques & tricks

    Learning Git

    Streamline, Organize & Energize Your Development Projects with This Popular Version Control System


    Bump your development skills up a notch by mastering Git. This distributed version control system allows you to batch track the history of your file edits, and to identify when and where your code has changed. You’ll learn how to initialize your first repository, manage your commit history, and more, gaining the tools you need to quickly and efficiently handle any development project.

    • Create a Git repository to start tracking versions of your projects
    • Contribute to different projects by making commits to Git repositories
    • Secure your repository with the help of SSH keys
    • Work with multiple people on a project using Branch and Merge commands
    • Link to the online remote copies of a repository & stay updated w/ the changes
    • Add tags to mark the deployed versions of the project
    • Resolve the bugs by tracing code changes to its origin

    Mastering D3.js

    Bring Your Data to Life By Creating & Deploying Complex Data Visualizations


    This e-book provides clear instruction on D3.js, a powerful JavaScript library that enables users to generate data visualizations. Learn to create engaging data-driven apps by creating custom charts and integrating them with third-party libraries. This book culminates with instruction on a final project: creating an app that displays real-time data using enterprise-level dashboards.

    • Create reusable chart components applicable to future projects w/ 352 pages of content
    • Build charts for browsers without SVG support by using polyfills
    • Integrate D3 & Backbone to create interactive single-page applications
    • Write, test & distribute a D3-based charting package
    • Create custom maps & integrate D3 w/ 3rd-party mapping libraries
    • Make a real-time application w/ Node & D3

    Building Responsive Data Visualizations with D3.js

    Create Bar Charts, Scatterplots & More That Look Great on Different Devices


    In just 2 hours, you’ll master use of the D3.js library in conjunction with responsive design principles and technologies, such as Bootstrap and Pym.js. Combine the two to create stunning data visualizations that look great and—more importantly—effectively communicate their contents, no matter the viewing device.

    • Learn the basic structure of data binding in D3.js w/ over 2 hours of content
    • Construct a number of D3 visualizations: bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, etc.
    • Master D3 visualization features such as tooltips, axes & scales
    • Understand the importance of interactivity & transitioning between two states of a visualization for enhanced, responsive experience
    • Find, prepare, load & use external data sources: CSV, TSV, JSON & more
    • Enhance your web design skills w/ data visualization libraries like Bootstrap & Pym

    Rapid Flask

    Effectively Create Apps with Minimal Coding with This Python-Based Framework


    Delve into all things Flask, a micro framework that lets you utilize Python’s power and simplicity. You’ll be able to quickly and easily develop any website or web app imaginable, and with minimal coding at that. By the time you finish this course, you will have not only mastered web development and especially Python fundamentals, but also have cemented your knowledge by creating a fully functional app.

    • Master web development using Flask w/ 42 minutes of content
    • Utilize familiar Python syntax that makes developing with Flask easy
    • Establish better client-server communication for your apps
    • Combine Python logic w/ HTML view code to get better flexibility in your apps
    • Enhance your app’s utility by establishing methods for client input
    • Easily control web APIs to combine data in useful ways
    • Integrate attractive CSS elements to make your apps look great
    • Create personalized user experiences w/ cookies & more

    Learning Flask

    Expedite & Streamline Web App Development Using This Powerful Micro-Framework


    Finish up your Python development journey by further diving into Flask. This minimalistic, powerful, and easy-to-learn framework will prove useful to you, whether you’re an entrepreneur or developer. You’ll learn to expedite and streamline web app development throughout this course, learning to develop a powerful database-backed app, implement a full authentication system, and more.

    • Set up a Flask development environment w/ 2 hours of content
    • Create robust databases w/ PostgreSQL to safely store user data for your dynamic websites
    • Build an authentication & authorization system w/ Flask-Login & Flask-Oauth to protect pages from improper access
    • Use Flask extensions such as Flask-Gravatar, Flask SSLify & more to add functionalities to your app


    The The Ultimate Python Coding Bundle includes seven main courses, in which you can learn everything about Python. This set of courses will also walk through, step-by-step, building various applications, giving you the tools to build and come up with your very own applications.

    If you nab this deal before it’s gone, you’ll save over 95% on the The Ultimate Python Coding Bundle, and pay only $49.

    AndroidGuys Deals: The Ultimate Python Coding Bundle

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