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    Reduce distractions with curated music and background noises designed to keep your attention

    Do you have trouble getting started with your homework or tasks at work? You come in, sit down, and you’re all set to go. You’ve even got your coffee sitting there next to you; things are gonna be great today. Fast forward an hour later and somehow you’re spinning your mental wheels in mud.

    What do you do when even your best playlist can’t get you to concentrate? Call it a day and come back tomorrow? If only. No, what you need to do is check out [email protected], a service that offers more than 50 channels of curated music designed specifically with focused attention in mind.


    Face it, there are few things worse than having to get through tasks or some to-do list when you can’t keep your attention on one thing at a time. The AndroidGuys Deals Store has a tremendous sale on a premium license to [email protected] and its tens of thousands of hours of content.

    Available in one-year and lifetime accounts, [email protected] is all of the music and background noise you need to keep your attention. Be it some coffee shop chatter, ambient and down tempo spa music, or classical piano, there’s something for everyone. Heck, there’s even a channel dedicated to folks with ADHD.


    [email protected] can be listed to on pretty much any device you own, including phones, tablets, and computers. And, for those of you who own a SONOS connected speaker, you can enjoy the benefits of the service as well.


    • Make better use of your time w/ more focused attention
    • Reduce distractions from noisy coworkers, a busy office environment, or whatever draws your attention away
    • Do better work & earn the promotions & raises you deserve
    • Create a more sustainable work habit w/ over 50 channels to choose from & timed work sessions
    • Channels include acoustical, ambient, alpha chill, focus spa, classical piano, electro bach, and more many

    Where to Buy

    Are you ready to kick 2019 into a higher gear? It starts with being more productive with the time you have, right? Head to the AndroidGuys Deals Store and pick up a premium license to Focu[email protected] in one of the following options.

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