Blockchain tech is just getting started – learn to harness it for just $29

    Do you know the difference between bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain? While there is definitely overlap between the three of them they are each their own thing. Right in the center is blockchain, the revolutionary and paradigm-shifting technology that is just now coming into mainstream popularity.

    While 2017 might have been the year when many jumped into purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain has been around for more than a decade. And, whereas it was once relegated to those nerdy, super-early adopters, it’s now something that many major corporations are starting to take very seriously.

    Institutions have taken notice and are getting into blockchain; it’s time you do, too. But, where to start? First, you’ll want to master the concept itself. From there, you might want to invest in a project, or even build your very own one.

    If this sounds interesting to you, we recommend getting started with the Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle. Currently 96 percent off, just $29 from the AndroidGuys Deals Store, it’s the jumping off point that will help you to understand what makes the technology so interesting and powerful.

    Some of the instruction in this two-part package is overarching, covering blockchain’s central role in the cryptocurrency craze, but most of it goes deeper, expanding your knowledge into the various ways decentralized data mining and organization impacts the world.

    Your blockchain training bundle includes:

    • Get an overview of blockchain concepts & objectives
    • Learn about blockchain data structures & identifiers
    • Create blocks & add them to blockchain w/ the help of Mining
    • Buy & sell Bitcoins
    • Comprehend blockchain transaction limitations & public policies
    • Learn to use the latest blockchain tools such as Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask, & Geth to build blockchain applications
    • Set up your own private blockchain network using Hyperledger
    • Deploy smart contracts on Ethereum

    Of course you’ll learn what the blockchain is as well as the ever-expanding application behind smart contracts. But, you’ll also come to understand how cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, are developed and employed. Moreover, you will dive into specific topics like Hyperledger, Meta Mask, and even into the ways you can create versions of your own blockchain projects.

    The two courses in this bundle typically retail for $800 on their own, but our Deals Store has them for pennies on the dollar. There are more than 35 hours of training which means you’re paying less than a dollar per hour.

    Hurry, and take advantage of the 96 percent savings. Who knows, maybe this time next year you’ll have your own project for others to invest in and support!

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