Interested in CAD and 3D printing? Dive deep with this 12-book bundle from Make

    You’re probably at least passively familiar with 3D printing. It’s certainly not new and the benefits and applications continue to grow. Surely you’ve seen scale models, prototypes, toys, and other items printed from a 3D printer.

    We’re now entering a different phase; Volkswagen, for instance, recently announced it was going to use metal printing know-how to craft spare parts like gear knobs and custom lettering. Things are getting quite serious for 3D printing. Are you ready?

    Understanding CAD (computer-aided design) and how it applies to 3D printing is fast-becoming a sought-after skill. It’s not going away, and it will undoubtedly be embraced by more and more industries. It’s time to get on that train.

    You can learn all the skills required understand the process from start to finish, utilizing both CAD and 3D print technology.

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    Check out the AndroidGuys Deals Store and you’ll see we’re offering the CAD and 3D Printing eBook Bundle, for less than $2 a book. All in for just $19.99, this is a collection of 12 eBooks from Maker Media (Make) which covers 3D printing from the ground up.

    It starts with an introduction to 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, and other maker gear. Then, it’s on to project work with plastic creations like an LED lamp, or a ’50s-style raygun pen. Additionally, you’ll gain insight on metallics, the mechanics of robots, drones and wearable tech, and also 3D wood carving.

    The CAD & 3D eBook bundle includes:

    • Make: Magazine Vol. 60: Ultimate Guide To Desktop Fabrication 2018 ($7.99 value)
    • Make: 3D Printing, 1st Edition ($15.99 value)
    • Make: 3D Printing Projects ($14.99 value)
    • Getting Started With 3D Printing ($11.99 value)
    • Make: Design For 3D Printing ($11.99 value)
    • The Maker’s Manual ($14.99 value)
    • Zero To Maker: 2nd Edition ($16.99 value)
    • Best Of Make, Vol. 2 ($17.99 value)
    • Make: Getting Started With CNC Routing ($14.99 value)
    • Make: Getting Started With 3D Carving ($15.99 value)
    • Make: Design For CNC ($27.99 value)
    • Fusion 360 For Makers ($13.99 value)

    Each of these eBooks usually run anywhere from $8 to $28, but if you buy them all as a bundle from us, you can own the entire collection for just under $20.

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