Crash Course Coding Bundle teaches coding essentials, only $49

    Java, Python, C, Perl… there are a number of of web technologies, coding languages, and platforms to harness. In 2017 it makes sense to learn at least one or two of them if you’re hoping to gain an edge on co-workers. How can each of these work together? Can you learn them with zero experience?

    We want to help you get headed in the right direction. We’ve pulled training for essential programming languages, IoT, and OSes together into a bundle. Called the Crash Course In General-Purpose Programming Bundle, we’re offering it to our readers for $59, a savings of some 98% off.


    • Fundamentals of Operating Systems: Get Down to Brass Tacks On the Things That Make Computers, Mobile Devices, & More Run
    • C Programming Part 1 and 2: Discover the Range of the General-Purpose Programming Language, C
    • Java 8 Part 1: Learn the Programming Language Used by eBay, Google, & Most of the Web’s Biggest Employers
    • Java 8 Part 2: Iron Down Your Advanced Java Knowledge & Get Qualified for Programming Careers
    • Perl Programming 1 and 2: Create Powerful Scripts with Ease by Learning Perl
    • Python Programming Essentials: Introduce Yourself to This Powerful, Very Common
    • Language & Tap Into a Rich & Growing Job Market: Advanced Python Programming: Discover the Many Advanced Uses of Python & Diversify
    • Your Programming Abilities: IoT Programming: Get Familiar with the Real-Time Operating System, FreeRTOS


    Worth nearly $3,000 in total, you can purchase this entire bundle for only $59. AndroidGuys readers can save 98% by buying it as a collection, but only for a limited time.

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