Cut the cord with this $80 long-range Ultra HD TV antenna

    The 65-mile range antenna gives you crystal clear free TV channels

    If you’re thinking about cutting the cord, you’re not alone. Many people have, and the reasons to get away from traditional cable continue to grow. On the other hand we’ve seen a rise in those who have never even bothered up with signing with a cable provider.

    While a lot of us like Hulu, Netflix, and the other streaming players, some still like the local channels for live broadcasts of news, sports, and general programming. Awards shows, season finales, and playoff games are serious business and work best live. If you’re among those aching for the live shows, listen up.

    There are options that let you cut the cord, or not have to worry about signing up for cable. In fact, it’s cheap, too. Consider the current offer in the AndroidGuys Deals Store: the ANTOP’s AT-400 4K/Ultra HD TV Antenna.

    Priced just $80, it’s all you’ll ever need to spend for your local broadcasts. The AT-400 is a waterproof digital antenna that receives signal from up to 65 miles away. We’re talking high definition 1080p and even Ultra-HD 4K resolution on multiple televisions in your house.

    Not to worry, this isn’t one of those bulky, ugly dishes or wonky towers. No, it’s an aesthetically pleasing unit that is less than two feet tall. Mount it on a pole, stick it on the roof, or fashion it somewhere convenient.

    AN-400 Features

    • Receive free broadcasted over-the-air HD TV channels & programs
    • Match the signal gain of traditional mechanical antennae w/ none of the bulk
    • Easily install in your home’s interior/exterior
    • Feed multiple TVs w/ a single antenna
    • Supports HDTV, 1080p TV & 4K Ultra HD

    The best part of this whole deal is you only pay a one-time fee for the antenna and end up with free TV for life. Get the ANTOP AT-400 4K/Ulta HD TV Antenna for just $79.99 — $50 off the original cost — at the AndroidGuys Deals Store.

    Save even more!

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    How about a freebie?

    Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!

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