[Deal] Pay what you want for the VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle

    When it comes to keeping our information private, there are folks out there who will pull out all the stops. Whether it’s creating fake emails, or fake accounts to keep their email out of the hands of spammers, or signing up for a VPN to keep your browsing history out of the wrong hands. Today’s deal aims to provide great options for both of those solutions.

    The first deal in today’s bundle is for a greaVirtual Private Network (VPN) service option through AnonVPN. AnonVPN is one of the most trusted VPN services on the market. What sets this VPN service apart from the rest is that it’s a “zero log VPN”. This means that the service does not keep any of your personal information on any of their servers. This is something that is forgotten when signing up for services., because if you’re trying to keep all your information out of cyberspace, there are still some pieces that end up on the VPN server itself.

    • Enjoy fully secure Internet at full speeds
    • Bypass geological restrictions & censorship to stream anything, anywhere
    • Utilize multiple server locations in the US, London, Amsterdam & Singapore
    • Access your chat, email client & web apps securely on public Wi-Fi networks
    • Get peace of mind that none of your personal info is stored on AnonVPN’s servers
    • Enjoy the Zero Log policy


    The next deal in today’s bundle is one that will help keep those spam emails out of your personal and private inbox(es). The Lifetime Subscription to Nonkly Disposal Email will alleviate any spam from finding its way into your inbox due to the fact that you can create, and monitor, fake email addresses. This is beneficial when signing up for new services and you don’t want that wave of emails flying in and cluttering up your already cluttered inbox.

    • Protect your private email address from spam
    • Prevent incoming & future spam
    • Sign up for new services without getting overwhelmed w/ emails
    • Generate completely new email addresses for every unique online interaction
    • Reply to sites like Craigslist, while keeping your personal email private
    • Get lifetime access & unlimited email addresses

    Now the fun part. If purchased separately, you would be spending upwards close to $300. Instead, today’s deal is a “Pay What You Want” kind of thing. We’ve had a few of these in the past and they seem to be the best bang for your buck. Simply “Beat the Average Price” and you’ll unlock all of the goodies and get some great services for incredible prices.

    At the time of this writing, the average price for the bundle is only $16.28. So if you beat the average price, you’ll get the lifetime subscriptions for both AnonVPN and Nonkly Disposal Email. So if you look at the regular prices for both of those, you’ll be saving 95% on both services. Now, when you do beat the average price, you’ll also get a year of AnonVPN thrown in for free. That’s a savings of $69.99, and you can either use it for yourself, or gift it to one of your friends or family members who is in the market for a reliable VPN service.

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