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    A new year means a new set of self-imposed challenges. Why not take a gander at coding, programming, and development? with a deal such as this, you’ll be so tempted that you just can’t resist.

    The Complete 2016 Coder Bundle is a set of ten courses comprised of over 178 hours of content designed to teach you the ins and outs of Android, iOS, and Web development. The tools that you need to become an expert are hidden within this great deal, and although the 178 hours portion may seem daunting, it’s well worth it.

    Marshmallow Coding

    [list][item icon=”fa-code” ]The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – Build 15 Apps: No matter your coding experience level, you’ll learn valuable skills like coding in Swift and utilizing the Apple WatchKit framework—and you’ll soon be seeing your very own apps lighting up the Apple Store charts.[/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide: Master fundamentals such as which stack in which you’d like to specialize, how to source employees for your business, how to find and attract customers, and more. You’ll not only have a thriving organization up and running in no time, but also gain mastery of business fundamentals crucial to any business you hope to start in the future. [/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]The Non-Technical Person’s Guide to Building Products & Apps: From pinpointing your idea to understanding your competition and bringing your product to market, you’ll learn the essentials of turning your vision into reality, perhaps joining the ranks of Pinterest’s, SnapChat’s, and Amazon’s founders as non-coders who launched companies without a CTO. [/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]Running a Mobile App Dev Business: The Complete Guide: Whether choosing between iOS or Android, or sourcing and retaining clients, you’ll learn all you need to not just build a thriving mobile app business but also ensure it’s sustainable over the long term. [/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]The Complete HTML & CSS Course – From Novice to Professional: Learn everything you need to know to become a bona fide expert on HTML and CSS coding, which form the foundation of any strong Web development repertoire. From structuring a simple webpage using basic HTML to manipulating CSS to stylize your page’s aesthetics, you’ll gain the skills necessary to get started on your coding journey or—if you’re already a seasoned programmer—to take them to the next level.[/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]The Complete Web Developer – Become A Professional Developer: This is the end-all, be-all course for learning web development. From HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to jQuery and PHP, you’ll learn web technologies crucial to building a strong foundation in all things programming. [/item][item icon=”Select a Icon” ]Build 20 Apps: iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide: This course walks you through the essentials: programming in Objective-C and Swift, using the Xcode IDE, and much more. You’ll apply those lessons in creating 20 iOS 9 apps throughout the course—a giant step towards building the next hot app to light up the iTunes Store leaderboard. [/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]Projects in AngularJS – Learn by Building 10 Projects: The Angular.js library is specifically designed to address the challenges in developing single-page apps, making it invaluable to front-end developers looking to make a dent in the universe. You’ll build 10 real apps in the process of mastering this handy framework and further rounding out your JavaScript development skill set.[/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]Ruby Programming From Scratch: No Experience Required: With this course, you’ll learn everything from how to read and format Ruby syntax to debugging your code, establishing a knowledge base that will prove invaluable as you work to jumpstart your development career or refine your existing programming skills.[/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]The Complete Android Marshmallow Tutorial – Make 30 Apps: With detailed tutorials on how to build 30 apps for Marshmallow ranging from a simple “Hello World” app to a more complex interview app, you’ll not only gain a valuable skill set, but also burnish your employability and competitiveness as a mobile developer.[/item][/list]

    The way this deal works is that you pay what you want for the first eight of courses. When purchasing the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle, if you beat the average price, you’ll get all ten courses unlocked. At the time of this writing, the average price is only $5.96, with a top of $40. You don’t need to pay $40, to get all ten courses.

    Just pay the six bucks, and with the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle, you’ll have every tool you’ll need to become a cross-platform coding expert. If you need an extra incentive, think about the fact that these courses would run you almost $2000, if purchased separately. To get all ten courses, and over 178 hours of content for about six bucks, is insane. So head over and jump on this deal before it’s gone.

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