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    Photography is one of those things that is really easy to get started, but incredibly difficult to master. In today’s day and age, it’s really easy for us to pull out phones, and take a pretty awesome picture. But to turn that photograph into something truly unique, it feels to the average person like myself, that you have to be a wizard.

    The Expert Photography Bundle that is being featured today, has numerous courses and hours upon hours of training for you to turn that basic photo into a masterpiece. Maybe not along the same lines as Ansel Adams, but you catch my drift. This bundle includes over 50 hours of training spread across eleven courses and over 200 pictures for you to study techniques.

    Here’s a list of what courses can be found within the Expert Photography Bundle:

    • Assets From The Baking Man
      • This set of photographs from The Baking Man encompasses high-quality food imagery, including that of roast chicken dinners, heaping pancake stacks, and much more.
    • Photography From Viktor Hanacek
      • Get in on this premium collection of 100 photographs, spanning lifestyle images, nature scenes, and more.
    • Assets From Pawel Kadysz
      • Encompassing a variety of subjects—including animals, nature, and more—this small but spectacular collection of images is yours to examine, edit, and use in your creative work how you like.
    • Learn to “Create More Than a Snapshot” Photography Class
      • It’s about time you took advantage of the power of your camera, rather than using it to just snap pictures.
    • Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography
      • This encyclopedic course provides everything you need to learn the ins and outs of photography, and to master this medium even if you’re just starting out.
    • How to Be a Professional Outdoor & Nature Photographer
      • Nature photography doesn’t have to be just a hobby, it can be your career. This course will not only teach you to snap gorgeous, marketable images of the great outdoors, but set up a successful business too.
    • Photos From Tom Eversley
      • Based in the South of England, Tom Eversley is a professional designer and photography with a knack for capturing moments around the world.
    • The Art of Black & White Photography
      • There’s more than one way to transform a digital image to a beautiful black-and-white one, in fact there’s more than one great way.
    • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightroom 6
      • This course will teach you to use Lightroom for any and all of your image editing needs. Covering everything from organizing your images to printing to slideshows, you’ll gain the skills to supercharge your image editing process.
    • Night Photography Unlocked – No More Dark or Blurry Photos!
      • Although some of your favorite moments may take place after the sun goes down, capturing those moments with a camera doesn’t always work out.
    • The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash
      • Taking well-lit photos doesn’t depend upon ambient lighting, but rather your grasp and application of photographic techniques.

    Normally priced at over $2,300, this massively informational bundle is available for only $10.56. That unlocks all eleven courses, over 50 hours of training, and hundreds of stock photos to study the various techniques with. If you want to go above and beyond, the current Leader price is only $55, and you’ll be donating to a good cause at the same time. A portion of all the proceeds goes to the Save the Children foundation.

    Drop us a line below and let us know what your favorite camera equipment is and share some of your best shots in the comments.

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