Goose VPN: Web browsing peace of mind in an age of hacking and snooping

    Have you ever attempted to use Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode? When you use it for the first time, you’re tempted to think that you’re hiding your user data from others — until it tells you that your wireless internet provider and other parties can still “see” you. While it doesn’t leave a web browsing trail, it doesn’t do much to disguise your web browsing activities from others. The data trackers can still see you online.

    When it comes to privacy and security each person has a different goal in mind. Some want to go completely off the trail and hide. Others don’t want to be bothered with sharing location information. Others want to just keep their browsing habits on the down low.

    Understanding all of this, your best bet is to get something that covers all of the bases. What you, and a bunch of others likely need, is a service like Goose VPN.

    As the name (“Goose VPN”) suggests, this software service will create a virtual private network with a strict no-logging policy so that you need not report where you are at any moment. If you happen to find yourself on public Wi-Fi, Goose VPN reroutes your IP address through a remote server to dodge data tracking.

    Here’s a full list of what Goose VPN can do:

    • Encrypts your online communication
    • Eliminates all online borders & limitations by routing your traffic through private servers
    • Includes access to a capable network of 59+ servers around the world
    • Includes downloads & simultaneous use on an unlimited number of devices (custom clients for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android)
    • Adjusts your location & IP address
    • Allows you to browse safely using any public or private hotspot
    • Offers 24/7 support & a strict no-logging policy

    Yes, this is a 5-year subscription to one of the best VPN services available, and its unlimited device download is what makes Goose VPN appealing — well, that and its price: Goose VPN (5-year) only costs $34.99, a 95 percent savings (normally $299.40).

    You may not be willing to go all in for a 5-year subscription, but we’re also offering 1-year ($14.99) and 3-year ($24.99) subscriptions to Goose so that you can at least get an idea of what to expect from the service on a smaller pay scale. Or, go big and get the lifetime account for just $39.99 and be set forever.

    With data tracking racking up millions of dollars on the Web, it’s imperative that you protect yourself and avoid your information being leaked against your will. You’re a person, not a collection of data, so head on over and pick up Goose VPN before the private deal closes publicly.

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