Private, secure browsing for all of your devices with HideMyAss! VPN, only $49.99

    Military-grade encryption with incredibly fast servers

    Let’s be honest. You need to take your online security more seriously. Not just because of the ever-growing amount of cyber theft and hacking that goes on, but because you’re likely using that home computer for work stuff now.

    With each day that passes, it only gets potentially worse without something smart in place. Don’t wait until things happen – be proactive and take measures to ensure you keep all of your information private.

    The highlighted deal for today is one you should strongly consider. For just $49.99, you can get a subscription to HideMyAss! VPN. It’s everything you need to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads and trackers from your everyday browsing.

    One of the leading complaints about VPN services is that they slow your browsing experience to a crawl. HideMyAss, however, gives you a high-speed browsing experience while allowing you to access servers in over 190 countries. Browse like a local practically anywhere on earth, while securing your privacy and eluding prying eyes.


    • Unlimited installs w/ up to 5 connections at once
    • Kill Switch makes sure no data leaks when your connection to a VPN server drop
    • Split-Tunneling allows you to choose which applications go through the VPN
    • IP Shuffle randomizes your IP addresses anywhere from every 10 minutes to once a day
    • No log HMA DNS servers to handle all your DNS requests, which keeps you private & encrypted
    • Choose whether wired, Wi-Fi or mobile networks trigger the VPN to start automatically — and which networks to trust & ignore
    • Servers in 290 locations spread across 190 countries
    • Special P2P servers mask your IP address while keeping any impact on your speeds at a minimum
    • Lightning Connect finds the fastest available server in a location for you automatically
    • All core data centers have servers capable of 20 Gbps throughput & most other locations have servers w/ 10 Gbps throughput

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    If you’re ready to get serious about your online security, or want to get into torrenting without snooping, pick up a license to HideMyAss! VPN. AndroidGuys readers can save at least 65% right now with the following options.

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