It’s 2018 and students everywhere are learning to code. Seriously, take a look at the curriculum for middle schools, high schools, and colleges. In fact, we bet you’d find some elementary students in STEM classes, learning coding such as Java or PHP. Everyone is getting in on it. What’s your excuse?

It’s time to learn new things. It’s time to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and head off into a new career path. We’re here to help. Our Deal of the Day is the Coding 101 Bundle. Valued around $2,00 in total, it’s a full on training regimen with some 30 hours of education spread across nearly 300 lessons.


How much are we charging you for the kit? Why don’t you tell us?

What’s it worth to you to learn subjects such as Python, GitHub, Java, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and so much more? We bet it’s quite a bit. What if we told you that you can have it all for pennies on the dollar? Heck, you can have one of the courses for literally anything you want to spend.

Pay What You Want!

Indeed, you can get training on Ruby on Rails for as little as you want to spend. Five bucks? Two bucks? Whatever you want to pay. Any amount is good enough to walk away with one piece of the puzzle.

Ruby on Rails is increasingly popular for creating web applications. This more unified solution makes retrieving web service content, querying a database, creating and using page templates, and much more considerably easier. Ruby on Rails developers are in increasing demand so now’s the time to learn this language and framework!

Getting one education bundle is good, but you know what’s great? Try ten of them! How about the entire puzzle for cheap? Head on over to the AndroidGuys Deals Store and purchase the entire Coding 101 Bundle. How much do you have to spend? All you have to do is beat the average price. You’d be surprised at just how low that price is – it’s often less than $20, total.

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