Master the arts of UI and UX with this design bootcamp

    The UI & UX Design Bootcamp is a bundle of six different courses for you to learn how to code any app or game that you have. Within these courses, you will learn the basics of UI & UX design, and then you will be taken on a path that will teach you the ins and outs of creating beautiful products. There is even a course that will walk you through creating your own application so that you’ll have the experience you need to be confident in releasing an application on your own.

    Master Android design


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Become a Senior UX Design Strategist

    Ensure Your UX Project’s Success By Effectively Managing Your Clients, Team & Product

    • Create & run a successful UX project w/ over 3 hours of content
    • Get an overview of UX strategy fundamentals
    • Learn valuable productivity hacks
    • Understand how to conduct user interviews
    • Develop & streamline a UX strategy
    • Lead a design team with no problem
    • Build the skills necessary to enter a UX consulting career


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Rapid Prototyping with Ionic: Build a Data-Driven Mobile App

    Use AngularJS & the Ionic Framework to Craft a Real, Working App

    • Build a full-fledged mobile app w/ over 5 hours of content
    • Learn valuable programming skills: AngularJS, Cordova, Node.js, etc.
    • Master using the Ionic mobile app framework
    • Configure an API to ingest data into your app
    • Utilize the NVD3 library, add & configure caching, etc.
    • Hone highly marketable programming skills


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Android Design: Learn UX, UI & Android Marshmallow

    Design Mobile Apps For Android By Mastering UX/UI Principles

    • Understand UX design fundamentals & apply them towards Android app development w/ over 9 hours of content
    • Master Android design basics: colors, typography, icons & more
    • Utilize Android material design UI patterns
    • Use Adobe Photoshop to craft wireframe & page designs
    • Install & utilize the Android Studio IDE to develop for Android
    • Build a real, working app to add buttons, set colors, etc.


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]How to build Habit-Forming Products

    Create Loyal Customers with Just 2 Hours of Instruction

    • Build habit-forming products w/ over 2 hours of content
    • Study the “Hook Model”, a new way of thinking about the components that influence user behavior
    • Explore tactics that companies like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter use to drive repeat engagement
    • Comprehend common design patterns of habit-forming products
    • Understand the stages of habit formation
    • Optimize products for user retention
    • Learn practical steps for leading a habit-driven design process


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Mobile User Experience: The Complete Guide to Mobile

    Learn to Design Apps That Hook & Engage Mobile Users

    • Master mobile UX principles w/ over 7 hours of instruction
    • Understand the design principles & considerations behind the most popular apps in the world
    • Run usability tests to find the ideal design to hook your users
    • Understand the mobile user’s specific needs
    • Comprehend why some apps take off & others fail
    • Ask questions of & consult the instructor on course material
    • Gain skills to enter one of the fastest growing professional fields

    [/item][item icon=”fa-code” ]‘Mobile UI and UX Design’ Course

    Create Engaging Mobile Apps By Learning & Applying UI/UX Design Principles

    • Understand the basics of UI/UX mobile app design w/ over 3 hours of content
    • Learn each step of the design process from planning to project completion
    • Gain an insight into current mobile UI/UX design trends & developments
    • Develop key skills to plan, manage & develop mobile usability
    • Craft high fidelity UI designs
    • Build a valuable, highly marketable skill set


    Within the UI & UX Design Bootcamp, you’ll find eight different courses, which are highlighted above, that contain over 39 hours of instruction. Normally courses like this would run you between $99 and $299 individually, and almost $1,000 if purchased together. Luckily, you won’t have to pay that because that’s not how we roll here at AndroidGuys. You can get the UI & UX Design Bootcamp for only $29 and have everything you need to create the best applications possible.

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    AndroidGuys Deals: UI & UX Design Bootcamp

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