Mighty: An iPod Shuffle for your Spotify playlists, just $79.99

    Mighty Plays Your Spotify Music without a Phone. Finally.

    Are you a Spotify subscriber? If you’re a student, and aren’t signed up yet, you need to take advantage of the new $5 plan that includes Hulu, too.

    Assuming you are a Spotify listener, how do you go about taking your playlist with you? Phone, right? What if you could leave the phone home and still get your music on the go? That’s exactly what our Deal of the Day does today; the Mighty is a tiny portable unit that goes anywhere you do, and does one thing very well. Indeed, it’s a Spotify on-the-go device.

    Rather than syncing songs through a wonky desktop interface, you’ll use your Android or iPhone to send Spotify playlists to Mighty. Everything is downloaded and ready for offline playback, so there’s no fear of running into an area where there’s no connectivity.

    The Mighty is designed to be worn, dropped, and carried everywhere. And, because there’s no display, you have one less screen to break. Mighty holds around 1,000 songs and can support multiple playlists. To navigate through your collection, the device speaks playlist names aloud as you cycle through.

    The Mighty On-The-Go Spotify Music Player is available here for $85.99. Choose from Lola Black, Shikaka White, and Crush Orange.

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