The ultra-thin MOFT laptop stand was a crowdfunding hit and is now just $19.99

    After raising $1M on Kickstarter and Indiegogo it comes to readers with a discount

    Have you ever used a laptop or Chromebook on a flat surface for any length of time? Of course you have. It’s a pain in the neck, right? Like, literally, it hurts the neck after sitting there hunched over the keys for much longer than it takes to finish a coffee.

    As much as we love our portable devices, they are not always ergonomic or comfortable. The solution? You could get a stand that gets packed away in your bag and ultimately finds its way to the Lost & Found. Or, you can pick up a MOFT.

    The MOFT is an ultra-thin, adhesive stand that slips onto the bottom of your laptop or Chromebook. It’s unobtrusive at 1/9-inch thick, weighs just three ounces, but can support up to 18 pounds.

    People everywhere love the MOFT. So much so, in fact, that it took in more than $1 Million in crowd funding money from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Priced just $24 it’s the perfect laptop companion and one that you don’t have to worry about losing.

    MOFT Features

    • Ridiculously easy to set up.
    • Light as a pen; slim as a coin
    • Adjustable at a dual-angle, allowing for a healthy posture.
    • Holds up to 18 lbs; fits up to 15.6″ laptop
    • Attaches easily; removed easily
    • Color: Grey
    • Materials: PU/fiberglass

    We’re offering the MOFT to AndroidGuys readers for a discount right now, shaving a few bucks off the price. Head to the AG Deals Store and you’ll see that we’ve got it for just $19.99.

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