Offcloud: Fetch downloads from hundreds of streaming sources

    Save files from YouTube, Soundcloud, torrents, and much more

    Downloading should be as simple as clicking a clink and watching your computer go to work, pulling down a local copy of a file. In theory it works great and without hassle. In practice, it’s not always so easy.

    What do you do if the file your looking to save is too big to fit on your PC? Or, what if you’ve got a less than stellar internet connection? What about torrents and streaming services? Can you save a song from Soundcloud, or a video from YouTube?

    Fortunately for you, we’ve got just the solution: Offcloud. Designed to work with hundreds of sites and streaming sources, it’s a tool that takes the headache out of downloads.

    Before you bogged down in multiple copies of files, storage conflicts, and other issues, check out the versatile downloader. Offcloud empowers users to download content from a whole range of sources including blogs, media, BitTorrent, and streaming or storage sites.

    Offcloud Features

    • Unlock & download any content found on blogs, media, BitTorrent, streaming or storage sites
    • Securely backup your favorite online content to a private space & access it whenever you want
    • Automatically transfer any data from the web to your remote space, such as FTP or cloud storage
    • Use w/ hundreds of sites, including YouTube, Soundcloud & Vimeo
    • Fetch data from .torrent & magnet links using the cloud-based BitTorrent client
    • Convert any online pages into PDF documents or read-it-later HTML
    • Enjoy dozens of tools, a reliable API & a world-class customer service to get the most out of Offcloud

    Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dropbox, or any of the other popular online outlets, you can safely and securely download the content. Heck, it even fetches data from .torrent and magnet links with a cloud-based Torrent client.

    Don’t worry about filling up your hard drive with all of these files, either. Offcloud comes with 50GB of cloud-based storage to back your data up in a private place that you can access from anywhere, even mobile. Your license lets you connect up to ten devices!

    For a limited time you can purchase a lifetime subscription to Offcloud for only $49.99, a savings worth hundreds of dollars.