Store all your photos safely on this universal stick, on sale

Have a ton of photos stored all over your house with no central place to keep them? That’s understandable and not uncommon. Plenty of us live in homes where multiple people snap pictures on their respective phones but never storing them in a single place.

Trying to keep track of all of your photos isn’t easy, and it only gets harder when you factor in other people. To help keep things in order you may want something like the Photo Backup Stick.

Available in the AG Deals Store, this universal device can plug directly into your Windows-based and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Using it couldn’t be easier: Simply plug the stick into your device, open the backup stick app, and begin the backup. The stick does it all. When you’re done, and the images are safely secured, you can delete them from your device to free up space. Or, you can just sleep easier knowing you have all of the important photos backed up.

Photo Backup Stick Features

  • Backs up from computers, phones, & tablets all w/ one tool
  • Includes backup app for each type of device
  • No monthly cloud storage fees
  • Free phone, email, & online support
  • Back up multiple devices w/ one stick
  • Keeps your photos in the same folders as they were on your computer
  • No duplicates! Remembers what you backed up & removes exact duplicates
  • Affordable & reliable – MFi Certified USB 3.0

Don’t worry about chewing up space on your storage stick by adding duplicate photos that come from different devices. The Photo Backup Stick uses software to automatically remove duplicates.

As to how many photos you can backup depends on which size stick you purchase. There are five have will help you determine what size backup stick you purchase. There are five capacities to choose from, from 8GB up to 256GB.

Order Yours!

All sizes are on sale for a limited time. You can purchase the 8GB for $53.99; 16GB for $62.99; 32GB for $71.99; 64GB for $80.99; 128GB for $116.99; and 256GB for $152.99

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