Save $50 on the ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robots are taking over the world. Not quite in the Judgment Day uprising we all fear, but one in which they can be very helpful. We’re already automating so much of our lives with phones, services, and tech, so why not turn to robots to help keep things tidy around the house. It’s time for your own Rosey the Robot.

If you’ve never owned a Roomba, Samsung POWERbot, or other robotic vacuum cleaner, you’re missing out. No, having one doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It means you’re smart and you care about regular, consistent cleaning of your home.

Our Deal of the Day is the ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which is $50 lower than its normal $199 price tag (See: Amazon). Designed to vacuum, sweep, and even mop, this robot has nearly two hours of run time per charge and works on all sorts of hard flooring.

Run it on its own, schedule it daily or weekly, or control it manually via your phone. It’s a low-profile device that fits under pretty much any furniture so it can get where you don’t want to.


  • 110 minutes of run time
  • Designed for hardwood floors
  • Tangle-free suction & dry mopping
  • Start your DEEBOT away from home any time with our app
  • Low-profile design allows access to more areas
  • Cleans hair, dirt & debris
  • Includes selective cleaning modes for various messes
  • Sweeps, vacuums & mops
  • Includes stair safety, obstacle Detection technology & auto-recharge
  • Schedule daily or weekly cleanings

Normally priced about $200, you can get one of these for $140 through the AndroidGuys Deals Store. A savings of around 30 percent, it’s a great price, but only for a limited time.

Isn’t it time you smarten up your home? The ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner might not talk to you like Rosey the Robot, but it’ll keep the kitchen and other rooms looking clean.

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